Friday, August 13, 2010

studio, scroll saw and movie night with the Art Tribe and graceful elder~

I spent a good portion of the morning into the afternoon in the studio. Not much to show for as of I took all 12, 12 x 12 canvas apart and re stretched them and gave them two coats of gesso.(dare I say 4 hours of work, so the beginning of the answer when the questions comes up, "how long did it take you to do this piece?")   The husband asked is it that much cheaper to do it that way...well I received the stretch bars for free and the cotton canvas duck was on sale and I did have to purchase the stock ran out after the last workshop...Let say I couldn't pass up a freebie and then follow through on the completion of it. Again not sure what I'm going to do with them but there ready..Well I do know what I want to do with them and that is pop/create all of them out by the end of the month, with some art on them. I know I don't want to frame them and I want to paint the sides of them black..And I feel they will be a bit on the Raw Side.. So there setting myself up for an assignment.. but first I've got to get the big 36 x 36 in process from the faceless people series I put on hold because of my workshop I was presenting.

I've been thinking I want to purchase a jig saw but it's not a jig saw that I want, after talking to my son and describing what I saw in a picture he said, "mom you want a Scroll Saw"  Yes that's what I want.. one that can fit on a table...small version.. but a good I'll be on the hunt for a scroll saw..need to share this with the husband, he loves to do research to find the best one for the best thing..

Last night I watched the movie, Who does She Think she is?  I wasn't sure how the Art Tribe would like it or not. Some woman in the Art Tribe are mothers and some are when you see the trailer it does give you an idea about being a mother and artist.  We had a guest with our tribe and that was Cindy Hellyer Hienz's mother.  It was an honor having an Elder amongst us. Especially one that's started in Cindy's colored pencil work.. I personally was tickled pink with the sharp come backs she had and the wonderful discussion she gave to the group. After watching the movie we pulled out the cards and did few of the discussion questions which was so exciting for me...I've not sat in a circle like that with women in along time sharing from our really deepest feelings and experiences...I sure would love the moments to continue..but know that it was great for last night and will open doors for new awareness all the way around the's so great to listen to every ones experiences..

off and on with the day..bustin a move.

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