Friday, August 06, 2010

Accepted for Somnambulist at 4Art Inc.

I was informed that two of my 5 piece I submitted to Somnambulist were accepted..They are my Flash Back Series.#X, and XI both larger ones.   I'm happy about that they will be going to the Zhou Brother Art Center  it's where 4ArtInc is located. I believe it will be on the 2nd floor which is a great space to house an exhibit..I think about 4 years ago the Chicago Artists Coalition/CAC had the Chicago Art Open there.. It should be a good exhibit, I've know Robin Rios the Owner of the 4Arts inc. Gallery for about 3 years and this is something she has talked about doing so it's really cool to be apart of it..

Now a day to pack up and get the homestead under control too. I do need to cut the lawn with the rain we've had it's took off and I won't be home to cut it so today is the day... I will be heading out tonight to set for the Workshop, it's great that I able to do it the night before takes the edge off.

Off the topics here I pushed myself a bit yesterday and did my 4 miles as usual but then I added another round on the path with my granny running and it felt good I've been doing just a mile but I decided to try the whole way around... I did it.. then after that I came home and shower, had some other things to do and then set the plan in motion for a bit of an artist date...I've not done that for so long... I packed up a multi grain bagel with fresh homemade peanut butter from Whole foods and some carrots and apple and went to a pond that I use to go to when I was in High School.. some 30 years ago..hard to believe.. well any ways I sat on a nice bench with my lunch and bag of goodies... and my camera, snapped some pictures and then I pulled out the journal and started to sketch the Stone gazebo there...I couldn't believe how it was all coming together. First I did a quick pencil sketch and then went into it with a pen...With in lest then an hour lunch was finished and a sketch was done and the day was just so beautiful... I would like to do that again which I'm sure I will...


  1. You're in a good place. And that sketch was really quite beautiful. Congrats on the accepted work!

  2. Great news from Somnambulist! Glad you got that art date in, lovely gazebo and certainly some memories.


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