Monday, July 05, 2010

Where am I at today....

Feeling a bit out of sorts but a good out of sorts... My piece, Pillars of Judgement is coated with a varnish and I got a chance to work on the small one 12 x 12 piece...I cut a hole again and build a box for that one.. I'm letting the box dry well and to the cradle's to small for the wooden figure to fit but the papers are the same so I'm thinking of adding a few of my smooth pebbles from the door county trip in there...not sure..but that idea came when I was sitting outside with my cousin having lunch and afterwards I pulled out a few of my rocks to share with her and thought this could happen I could put some of the pebbles in there... so the rest of the week will be focusing on that and getting the final stuff ready.. for the Art Fair at Naperville Woman Club's 51 annual art fair at the Naperville Settlement...July 10th and July 11th. 

But today I need to put some time in on the files I need to send to Decatur for a late fall and in to winter show there... slacking is what I've been doing..It's so hard to look at the art I have and pick which piece to send an image..when You have your favorites and they like something else... well it will all work out it always does..

I think I'm going to fit in a visit to the Zoo today.. Waiting to hear from Doris if she still wants to do this.. it will be a good adventure. 

So with staying up late and waking up my usually time 4:30 am I'm a bit out of sort... the added humidity also effects the brains...forward motions.. So I ask myself "where am I today....?    In a good place, lawns it cut, bills are paid and all are healthy in the homestead..

checking in on my Self-Acceptance this morning..

If I were 5% more self-accepting  I wouldn't worry about which images I send to decatur
If I were 5% more accepting of my thoughts I would understand they need time to sort themself out and settle
If I were 5% more acceptiong of my feelings and emotions I would understand they are going through a process and are being sorted out..
If I were 5% more accepting of my past mistakes I would know I was doing the best I could at the time..
If I dealt with myself more compassionately I would see I'm to live in the day not fret it away..
I am becoming aware of a good person..

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  1. You are a wonderfully aware and compassionate person! It's when others abuse that...


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