Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We fit in a road trip to Wilmington IL

 This is a old train station depot that Elena, friend show me the first time I went visiting to you her place. 
 One garage with filling station stuff...
Lights are on in the garage now and this was around the corner of the first place we went into...we didn't look into all the hot and we didn't want to ware out our welcome..

Two reason out of the blue yesterday that called me back to visit Wilmington.. I know I should have called you Elena but it was a spontaneous trip..and my daughter needed to get back so we jumped in the Van and hit the can see the Giraffe.  I had to go back to see if that was there and purchase it.  Something about this Giraffe is calling me and the second one was to show my daughter how simple it is to do a road trip and get some good shot of different places.. so we headed to the train station depot...that build is so cool..I got a few shots myself... it was good time well spent with my second oldest daughter...she's my gal that doesn't open up much and shares with the parents so anytime this comes about I jump on it...We had a great time too. On the way home we stopped at this place on Lemont Road south of I55 and asked the man if we could take picture of the gas pumps outside...well little did we know what was in store for us...the man is a collector of Filling Station memorabilia...What a surprise it was...My batteries went dead so I have to wait till my daughter Maddie gets her photo ready before I get a CD of the Filling station stuff.

Came home to getting my entries ready for the 4Artinc national call, and thinking about entering the Illinois Artisan program...

Well off to tend to the day's agenda and make stuff happen.


  1. YEAH!!! I wish I were home yesterday I would have snuck over to see you. I'm so so happy that you shared these things with your daughter. And so glad you bought your giraffe.

  2. What great shots. Love the gas station memorabilia... pieces of the heart in those.

  3. What a great day! I love those kind of excursions! And and your daughter.

  4. Nice day to connect with daughter. I love nostalgic pieces, maybe as I get older this resonates more with me. We used to store our travel trailer in an old farm-like building south of us. He too had much of those old vintage signs everywhere in the building. What a delight to see everything. I knew my trailer would love living here. You never know with people, they have so many sides to them.
    Sounds like you filled your well, Laura! Cool!


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