Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thinking I'm 17 again...

I'm doing the well body check with a few Doctor's appointments and the added one in for my neck situations...Some where in the past week and a half I torn a muscle in my neck...Must have been when I flung my long curly hair out of my face that I gave myself wipe lash...or something... teehehehe.. I still think it was some kind of weird virus just by the way it came on but as the Doctor describes to me...I have clean sinuses and the ears are really good too...so I must have torn the muscle in my exercising and kept aggravating it with daily activities...as I would move it more the muscle would get torn more...then inflammation kicked in and made me feel like I had major Hot flashes going on from the shoulders up.. come and go all night long..couldn't sleep too..Doctor said the nerve endings travel out and can make it feel like I have pain in my ears etc... so wild how the body works..well I'm mending and feel like I've been to hell and back and only a torn muscle...Got to watch the hair flicking of head and quit trying to be 17 again...No really I don't know how it happen..

So a new week and it looks as though I will be presenting a workshop on Aug 7th and Aug 8th...I'm excited..I checked yesterday and four signed up and heard  of another person...I'll be pest today and double check and put the word out if it's a for sure go...

I have a few projects that have been put on hold for a few weeks and also so a few new ones..that are just kicking up so time in the studio is a must...


  1. Aw, sorry to hear about your neck. You take care of yourself and take it easy. Spend more time in the studio where its safe hehehe.

  2. My goodness! So sorry. Yes! Rest!


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