Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sweated like a little piglet, but had fun

No pictures from yesterdays event at the Dick Blick Family Days at Wheaton...As I shared before I invited myself or could be said I volunteered to demo and share my stuff.  With a Van as big as mine and the summer art fairs going on I'm always traveling with display panels, tables, tent and chair..So being that I was slipped in at the last minute I slipped in between Sarah and the little kido's gym tent...I had not electricity there for a bit but then I hooked up for the tack iron.. I think we were all hooked up to the same ele. line..a bit scary but it worked out.  There were a lot of families and many people coming and going.. it was good to see even though it was a very hot, hot humid day... I sweated so badly that my short and white t-shirt was soaked.. My necklace I was wearing, (found jewelry junk stuff with ribbons dyed my white shirt blue)  too fun but troopers that us artists are we went forward.. I received a nice little gift certificate for my time there, which didn't go far as to say it was used up right away.. I needed two more of the Wooden manikins for the next piece I'm working on (in the inspirational stage now) so to be in the physical stage. So after my time was up cause I seen that the potter came I need to clean up..I had wanted to sit and watch Ronnie with her demo but the need for cold water and lunch was calling harder..2:00 by then. So I headed out with my manikins, some paints, my lunch I packed to eat on the way home and hit the road.. Feeling good about the whole day, I accomplished what I set out to do and headed home to do some food shopping.. On to a new week.. well today we visit with my step sister and some cousins in from Texas...should be fun..


  1. A hot - but interesting day, Laura! Sounded good.

  2. It was dangerously hot! Water the best choice, I was sweating while matting and framing in the basement! Glad it was a good turnout!


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