Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So it's a different kind of paper making....hehehe

 Here you can see my trusted newer sewing machine...I think I bought it at Aldi's...(over a year ago) yes Aldi's. That's a running joke in our homestead as I've been shopping there for at lest 19 years and when they have sales on stuff I don't run out and buy it all up, but I do watch for some stuff...and this was perfect for what I needed..straight stitches and through some heavy stuff.  I old faithful one is in my oldest daughters room whom has claimed her as her own... The husband and I just sewed the new Chopper/Harley Sit on this with some much needed help from our brain child, Stevie to help it fit but we did it...any ways as I get side tracked as usually.  this is my one tool in the studio I've been using lately. 
The next in the Faceless people series,  36 x 36 clay board cradle sides of 2", I've got to coat the whole piece now with two layers of polymer and build the boxes for the wholes you see here...cut this with the Multi Max tool my son won from a contest he had back in High school..pretty cool..but then I think I bragged about he before on this.. The paper you see on top is a gesso cover hospital plan I received from a art tribe member a while back..I still want the graphics of this to be seen but not right in your face...if you know what I mean.. and the day before gather of the fluffy stuff.  I had to slip that in there which now I look at it and I see that the colors are really inviting themselves into this piece...hmmm there it goes again inspirations she seeks herself in and we run and play with it..

I'm not sure how things will go today as I've going to pull out my work again..same old, same old for the fair this weekend.. I had all my new piece in the NWC fine art fair but I would like to lay this out differently.. Like a gallery as of a good selection of my work different sizes but related in color.. so that may take about two lie..I pull it out and shuffle it around and then have to pack it back in to the room it exploded out of and keep it ready to go for the weekend and make title tags for them...And I'm dropping my prices a bit too. A no no in the art world but I do need to move my inventory so if you see a different you know way.. not bad to do but a plan of survival and thriving to keep doing what I do..Now it won't be by much but some..

 OK so you all get the look see of the project the family creatives did, the sit is there, husband had to cut, pound and weld the metal piece first and cut and measure the material on top..kind of proud of him and then we hit a bit if a road block and had to call in the sew-master-goddess and ask for her help and she did it..Remarkable...
And some my wonder why I don't see or talk to much about the man in the house...well he's a busy guy too. as of prefabbing this bit of a creative piece for himself..all the good musing going on around's simple but very loving and exciting.. we love it that's for sure.


  1. Wow - looks great! Good job! And about that sewing machine - been wanting to do some machine sewing on paper.

  2. Thanks' what I've been doing... don't put polymer or medium of any kind on at all first..hard time working through the needle..sticks to much..

  3. Lots of interesting things always happening there!


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