Thursday, July 08, 2010

Selecting the work- Self Responsiblity

I will be selecting the art work for the show this weekend, it should be pretty easy as I plan on showing the whole new series with prints too.  I have the final misc. stuff to gather and then Friday I'll be setting up the tent in the evening.. Weather is looking good for the as I see from the newspaper but if it wasn't I still couldn't do anything about, but it gives me security now to look at it and see it will be nice.. I can prepare for it.  I also have to give some time to read all the info they have been sending us...where to park and to make sure I'm following the other ducks... it' makes for a smooth running art show..

I'm on chapter Five now in the book on self-esteem by Nataniel Brandon...I'm speed through it..your suppose to give a week in between each week...but I'm to be reading another book soon with a group and need to get this one out of the here goes.

In the 1980's Parents said one of the top values they wanted to teach was self-reliance.  What this reflects is a new awareness of the qualities needed for successful adaptation to an increasingly complex and unpredictable world.  Women are realizing that self-reliance is not a male prerogative.

   Unfortunately, many women still feel that there is more "power" in passivity and helplessness that in taking active charge of their own destiny.  The dream of a "rescuer" who will make the world right for them, who will give them happiness, fulfillment, and self-esteem. 

Yet neither self-esteem nor personal efficacy can be received as a gift from others.  It is generated form within or not at all. And among the ways it is generated, none is more important then learning and practicing self-responsibility.  Tremendous power that flows from an individuals willingness to accept rather than evade responsibility for her existence, Self-responsibility entails.

Taking responsibility for our actions
Taking responsibility for our decisions
Taking responsibility for fulfillment of our desires
Taking responsibility for our choice of companions
Taking responsibility for how we deal with people -at work and in our personal life
Taking responsibility for how we treat our body
Taking responsibility for our happiness...

Wow that's a tall order....

The Practice of self-responsibility entails taking appropriate care of oneself, in all those matters open to one's choices. it does not mean accepting responsibility for that which is outside our control. We are not responsible for the actions of others, but we are responsible for our own actions..

Have you ever here this before?  "Everything would be so wonderful if only he/she would change."

We have to own up to the changes and choice we need to make not expect the knight on the white horse to come and save us..  that is giving our power as human being away...that act right there waiting for some one to take care of us is so false that it lead to major self destruction...

Learning to feel and be a grown up and mature person in charge of your own life is refusal to be a victim in situations where real choices do exist is one of the meaning of self-responsibility..

I have to stop here and look at the way I might be putting this on in my life.   I have to watch out for the way I've heard things, yes it's not easy out there in the art career world but heck it's not easy anywhere now..we are really all feeling it in the same way..we are now forced to make even more changes in choice in our life's... I have found myself sucked in to the poor me syndrome going on out there a few times... I need to take that responsibility to look at the choices I have and the desires I'm called to.  OK back to the chapter...

Here is a story from the book, a graphic designer who helped support several able-bodied members of her family. she was constantly on call for their many crises, and she consulted in Nataniel for depression, complaining that she had no life of her own..She said How can I take care of myself? when everyone is always needing me?  he as her to finish this this stem at lest 6 times....The good thing about being everyone's caretaker is-----   then after she did that he asked her to finish this stem- If I took more responsibility for my own life-----   after she finished she commented with It's so much easier to live for others rather then for oneself.  Now she says every time I treat my needs with respect, I feel pride.. 

What would our behavior look like if we chose to be more responsible here?  In practicing that behavior, we empower ourselves. In expanding the range of our self-responsibility, we build self-esteem. 

Stem sentences...

If I operate 5% more self-responsibly today----
If I operate 5% more self-responsibly at work----
If I operate 5% more self-responsible in my relationships---
I avoid self-responsibility when I----
Sometimes I make myself helpless when I-----
If I accept full responsibility for my own happiness---
I am becoming aware----

Well we can take anything we read and twist it around to fit our needs can't we... but at this point I'm finding some really good guidance in this book that can be used in all of life's opportunity...

I know that I do need help around the homestead though I'm home most of the time in and around for the people that need old behaviors lead to resentment later that eats at me..I'm sure you've all heard me crabbing about it time and time again..  Time to shit or get off the pot...blunt and to the point here.. not health to stay and play the victim role...I don't think I was to much but there are areas that I see me taking on more self-responsibility...

Relate this to my art career now.. I see that if I'm more self -responsible I can make better choices that I can leave with.. I need to look at what is best for my situation and not compare to others..which has always been an underline thing..I don't do it often but, when it creeps in it starts a hole change of events... When I'm on task with my responsibilities I do have better days...
Well if this is all boring you or to much so be it...

12 x 12 cradle board,
working with the same papers as the other Faceless People Series..I've not added the image transfers yet...the strong directions I was getting from this piece as the creating was happening was to take a risk and cut a whole on an angle... and build that box, the pebbles from door county were calling to be place in this piece...the number three-  stacked - I did a little digging and found something about past present and future...interesting... I'm going to have to let this incubate a bit  and allow it to guide me... I've not added the shadowing and I do hear a voice that says maybe you should leave it at that with the softens...and the light colors... but I know that's not going to happen...On with the day of self-responsibility..


  1. Don't those pebbles want to slide? Nice piece and great life observations.

  2. I'm enjoying your reflections on life lately, and of course always love seeing your art creations.
    I'm liking the piece as is, feel there's enough dark around the stones. Definitely my eyes go there first.Reminds me of a fire burning in a fireplace and the stones are like a stack of wood. Very neat!

    P.S. What's cradle board?

  3. Well the pebble are put on an angle because I wanted to play with angles and work that in with this piece...the pebbles are really polymeredin there... I have more work to do with this piece as it is in the process still.

    Bev you ask what a cradle board's a clay board piece attached to a 2" high board so it stands out from the wall. you can paint it or leave it natural..for my pieces I plan on leaving it natural but I did give it a few coats of satin varnish to protect the wood from finger prints..


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