Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not making paper these days

I spent a good portion of the afternoon in the woods, doing my walk and trying to add a bit extra.  I so enjoy the walks, it puts me in another place, I really wished I was there all the time but not possible so I savor every minute.  Yesterday I was chuckling in the Tall Grass Prairie part of the path, the Blue grasses are at lest 6 foot or taller...one use to be able to see the other side of the path but now you can't see but grasses on either side...Like a tunnel without a covered part over head. Well any ways it  was a such fun to walk and be escorted by grasshoppers and dragonflies. They would just keep jumping and landing in front of me and then off they went again about 3 feet all the way around the path... I felt like a little kid out there playing with nature.. Well I sweated like a little piglet but it sure feels good that I can. It's makes me feel so alive to do that. I see so many different changes.  Oh there is a coolness this morning floating in for brief moment(I'm sitting out back) birds are not as vocal..and the crows are calling. Could it be rain coming in?  Well back to the walk. I was blessed with seeing the two Bucks, possibly the older of the bunch out there I believe there are a few more younger ones but these two were amazing.  The antlers are growing and their huges... round peach fuss looking.. One buck has 10 points and the other has 12 points..they will look so grand when fall comes around.  Their bodies now are putting all they can into the antler growth but after that it will head to their bodies..I expect them to be big boys...The path that I walk around has a cleared section that these two where in the middle of and they stood there watching me as I observed them.. I didn't want to scare them away.  These woods are so special to me I see so much wild life out there...I'm just always awe stuck...Now to the papermaking...I've stalled or froze up or just haven't put my efforts in that directions lately...I can't figure it out. but out of habit I had to gather plant fibers for the adding to other pulps.  (Oh here comes the winds again, feels so good.) Across the road in the cat tail basin on the edge is this fluffy stuff from some natural plant...I couldn't help myself but to gather it in to some ziplock baggies.. I feel kind of odd as I've not opened up my tent, but to put my bench sits in for the season...You see I store them in there.. But when I was gathering the fluffy cottony stuff I was in a moment of just pure presences...hard to describe..but I find that when I'm making paper out back in the season past...so there is still time if it calls hard enough but it seem the faceless people series is calling harder.. I was just reading about everything has it's season..so to get down on myself for not making paper when I did many years past isn't where I want to be...I feel it's just about accepting that now is not the time...it can come again when it calls stronger.. let it be...

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