Friday, July 30, 2010

My heart for a silent auction in Texas

Here is my heart for the Michael M. Rutledge Legacy Award and Ofrendas del Corazon, a silent auction featuring wooden hearts.  I was asked a few months ago and reminded just a few days ago that I might need to get a move on this...I'd not been in the studio in many felt so good to get back in to the papers again.. I used my paper that were altered with Citrasolv and a few piece of my own hand made papers(cattails).  I main thought was to use the image of the boots..some how and for what reason I think if to say, "No one knows another person story or life until they walk in their boots or follow their footsteps".   I was lucky with the papers that I picked how they worked out.. I will hang on to this piece for a copy of weeks so the varnish is completely dry before I send it off..I also want to show the students in my workshop coming up the different surfaces you can use the technique with the coated papers and tack iron.. I am tickled by the way the leather stitching work and the hinge...Girl using her tools again...Just love it..
Well, much to do today and need to get a move on it.

You Tube info PSIA High Schoolarship


  1. I love it! What a great heart!

  2. This is really great and it tells a wonderful story. You'll get a lot of bids, for sure! How big is it?

  3. Jan this is about 10 inches tall


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