Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Moving on to Embracing Our Strengths

It takes courage to know and fully to be who we are. It takes honesty to admit, even in the privacy of our own minds, " I can do things other's don't seem able to do" or "I have a better mind than anyone else in my family," or " I want more out of life then the people around me do." 

When a person is in a relationship begins to change, the partner is oblige to change also. The reason is that a relationship is a system whose parts are interconnected. If one part changes and another part doesn't, the system goes into disequilibrium. Frictions and tensions develop...this is the part that I call when changing, "it gets a bit worse before it gets better..also it's a bit of a fit from the other person in the relationship that might feel forced to change and isn't ready.." Nathaniel, says there's a period of adjustment...

Sometime what happens when one is starting to take responsible and embracing their personal strengths they might hear from others unkind words or you family isn't to happy with your change of embracing your strengths.  They like the old you..and may say things like... "You're getting to big for your britches"

There comes a time when you have to ask or weigh out the whole thing...you may have to distance your self awhile from those comments and people and own who you are...maybe they 'll adjust; maybe they won't...we can't let that stop us or we run the risk of staying stuck and not allow any growth for our self which leads to our personal happiness.

Nathaniel shares- It takes integrity to place relationships in jeopardy by being true to the best within ourselves. It takes wisdom to know that the relationship that is right for us will grow stronger if we own our power, and relationships that are toxic are better ended sooner then later. I always wonder about staying in a toxic relationship how that stomps on a person sole..and just pushes the passion right out of their eyes and heart...do we darn take the risk to live fully the person we are to be or stay in the never ending muck...Some never understand this is happening to them and keep it up day in day out and expect different things to happen.. I choose to move out and on..with the best of me..

Growth often entails risks and pain..The reward is pride in what we have chosen to become.  Nathaniel shares he's never met a women who, having embraced the best with in herself, later expressed regret at having to do so..

So back to my reality and not to sound all egotistical but embracing our strengths in any thing we do as human being is a good place to start...I've had a thing with paper from the very start...feeling the paper of the coloring books while I colored for myself or to  coloring for my sister Patty when I was 5 years old.. And in 3rd grade I was cutting paper shapes and recreating the bulletin boards..staying after school to complete the project...such joy in paper.  So all my life it's been about paper how it's made from plants to how to re purpose and alter it to get different effects...Embracing that is where this artist is today..  So on to the paper trail of my life.. I'm letting go of the need thought to make my own paper for a month or so...I don't want to hurt my present day by fretting about what I'm not doing with making hand made papers..I've got plenty but some day it's up the tent that is and when it comes..the urge that is I'll do it.. I'll egage and embrace it again..

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  1. Somehow I think there is someone who'll need some one on one papermaking classes just around the corner...


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