Thursday, July 01, 2010

Living Consciously (chapter two)

The more you live consciously the more you trust your mind and respect your worth. The more you trust your mind and respect your worth, the more natural it feels to live consciously. 

Operating consciously requires an effort that one may not care to expend but also because heightened awareness can bring us into contact with facts we prefer not to face...  

Well there was a lot of other stuff between this having to do with relationships..Like one woman sees  in a date that the gentlmen's behavoir is one way and she steps back and looks at it and thinking about what she seeing and her life at the moment and wonders and asks herself if she would like to have this/person in her life...She choices not to and has respected herself worth...

When the other woman puts the blinders on and takes this behavoir thinking that it will go away and it only leads to drama, disillusionment, and bitterness and grief, followed by the heady excitement of playing the story all over again with some new mr. wrong..

So how does this all relate to me and where I'm at...I ask myself... Right now with a lot of area events trying to bring people back to spending their money like before it opens up a lot of opportunities for artist types to exhibit....But that doesn't mean one has to lose  their self respect in doing that and setting yourself up for events that you have to pay out the back end..... When I've done this kind of thing in the past because I figure it's what everyone else is doing then I putting the blinders on and now away of what's going on that is best for my needs...Geeze you would think an adult would know this stuff already..well not being conscious and away and selling out because your not feeling your whole self worth can lead to repeating the drama you set yourself up for..

I made some choices a while ago to do something and the stress I carried around with me because I set myself up for the same old same old...I decided to not teach out of state just yet this year and to stay close to home and work with in my means here instead of on my own...sounds crazy but I was being respectful to my needs at this time in my life...and I have to say changing my mind and yes some may say backing out of a job- that other artist are all jumping on the band wagon and doing is traveling workshop isn't for me right now.. I have trusted my judgement and there is such peace now that is what is important..

So... Operating on a higher level of awareness,
One is to write new endings to these stems each morning...nothing like drilling a new way of thinking right...

but I'm going to give it a go

If I were to bring 5 % more consciousness to my daily activities- I would.....that much more present in what Im doing...

If I were to bring 5% more consciousness to my choices and actions-I would....would be all worry if I made the right choices.. and second guessing myself..

If I were to bring 5% more consciousness to my important relationships- I would be inviting more intimacy which is a richness of relationships... I mean this in a pure sense.

The hard things about operating consciously is-it's work

The reward for operating consciously might be-I won't be walking around afterwards in my head double thinking everything..

I am Becoming aware--isn't that lovely..

Ok I've not gone off the deep end with this all let's say I'm being open and giving it a chance to see what happens when I aware of my day, my thoughts, my actions how that changes my feelings about myself...which then in fact will effect every thing I do...

I've set myself up for a challenge and I'm willing to see where it goes.

Now off topic----

I feel good that I was able to pick up the two piece of glass and frame up the two piece I picked up in Wisconsin this past weekend..their wrapped up now and ready for the fairs.   I've mailed off my postcards and kind of feel old school as of like myself I'm also  am planning on sending out an eblast but the postcards are something that I've done and I do like them when they come to me.. so I'm making a choice to continue doing's a cost I know.   And  I was able to spend sometime in the studio tacking down the faceless people images. I making choices about this pieces and trusting in my gut...I've dropped the bothersome thoughts about it being a sellable piece and just enjoying the pure act of creating..  I'm hoping to post a image soon...My thoughts are trying to bring awareness to emotional states of being that we all go throught espeically with our world now...more is always revealed as I work in and throught these pieces..I never know what is really wanting to be fully expressed till their done..  And I got a call from Decatur that I was ask to be part of collage exhibit so I need to tend to that this weekend I set it aside but it's time to deal with it and send some images and sign that contract...All work need be there by Oct 27th...time is present but sitting on the fence with this isn't...I'm excited to do it.

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  1. So much positive flow. Keep flowing with it. Sounds contented rather than anxious.


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