Saturday, July 10, 2010

Greeting the Morning

Routine, I would always fight this when I was younger and not I thrive on some kind of routine.. and then when it's knock off a bit by something else in the morning...I get a little out of sort..but this morning it's OK....Infact the excitement and a bit of the good anxiety is upon me... I'll be taking my art and myself to the Naperville Women's Club 51st Annual Fine Art Fair..Starts at 10-5 each day... As usual I'll bring more art then I can display...never know how the day will go..being a good artist and coming prepared..
Off I go and hope to see a few of you there. 

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  1. Hey Laura! It was great to finally meet you in person -- we have so many friends in common. And your art is even more gorgeous in person than on my computer. Glad you had such a great (if a little hot) day today -- hope tomorrow is even better!


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