Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Fair is done...

The Geneva Art Fair is done and we are back home at lest most of the artists.  Crowds were there on Sunday want to enjoy the art. I could see it on the faces of the people. The hardest was just walking away though for them...some artists did well but I would say only about a third. Things are changing for sure.  I will be on the phone shortly as the doctor's office open up..the tylenol's only work for 4 hours and boy does these gal know it when it wares off... I'm just thankful I made it though...kind of hard to get a replacement on such short notice... The funny thing is it didn't bother me much till the ride home and being home then things acted up. Well enough drama for this gal...

Today we celebrate the twins birthday, just pizza and cake nothing to major...we are the keep it simple family but it will be good to see everyone that comes. 

Well now to tend to unloading the van inbetween things today....


  1. And resting to recover!

  2. I do hope they clear up that pain and congrats and happy bday to the twins.


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