Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Would you like your fortune told?

If one sees 12 crows flying together, you will have Blessings or count your Blessings.
If one sees 11 you will have a Sweet Day or You can make your day Sweet.

If you see 10 crows flying in the sky you might have sorrow or is there something you can do to prevent sorrow.

If you see 9 crows in the sky, our are keep a secret.

If you see 8 crows in the sky, your are to prepare for a journey or enjoy your journey you are on now.

If you see 7 crows in the sky that means there could be bad luck.

If you see 6 crows in the sky then you may have difficulties or you could be creating difficulties .

If one sees 5 crows flying in the sky then you've Received Riches, or you are to pass along riches to someone else.

If one sees 4 crows in the sky you may receive gifts or you are to pass along gifts to others.

If one see 3 crows in the sky flying that is a sign of Pure Love.

If you see 2 Crows flying in the sky you are to received happiness or your are to give happiness away.

If ones sees 1 crow in the sky you are to have no regrets and or create now regrets.

Your fortune with the help of the Flying Crows.... I've completed a series somewhat similar to this one but in the Browns hues. I added some stitching to those though. I started the back grounds on these back in Jan or Feb of this year for the ICE show which is a swap of collage work that is sent to New Zealand and swapped with other artists and you received back a whole new collection of works.. Well I don't know what I was doing but I had no time to finish them. My intentions was simple like, No thinking and just make marks and place the crows where ever they seem right and cut the letters to fit the meaning of the numbers. I'm not sure what I'll do with them now these are the scanned images, there only about 5 x 7 in size. I think I might want to mount them on a some mat board and mat around them for a 8 x 10 size. So I did well today as of I did clean the studio and was able to find this little diddies and finish them up..Nothing special just mostly image transfers and a painted back ground...and a few cut words but I guess I like them because of the fortune telling mystery about them... I watched the remake of the Wolfman with Anthony Hopkins,yesterday ...( got to watch the scary movies during the middle of the day, can't handle if I watch it at night..Chicken you know) Always gets the gypsy in me stirring.. don't have any really gypsy blood in me but always wanted to be... I can pretend even at my age for a moment...


  1. Great post! Now I'll be watching the skies again.

  2. Me too, I don't see them flying as much. Ours in the area are more settled with new families starting...I hear them around us but not close...it's welcome sound. cuts to my core and makes me feel all connected.

  3. I haven't seen many lately either. Now I have the counted messages! Great pieces. Maybe a little gift book.

  4. several years ago, i came across images of the crows in the brown hues that you mention in this post.
    did you do that series also?
    i photo copied the images and cut each image into 2" squares and made an art puzzle with them.
    i made wooden blocks cut from a piece of 2"x2" and collaged the 2" images on to each side of the block, and made it into a puzzle.
    it turned out fabulous. but since i didn't know who the artist was i was not able to give credit to the original artist. as i recall, the images were very similar to these.
    i don't have them anymore, to send you a photo. i think you would enjoy seeing them.
    however, here is a link to some other blocks i posted on my blog . . . so you can get an idea of what i am talking about. http://rebecatrevino.blogspot.com/2010/08/blog-post.html
    ps: i really enjoyed finding your blog (via pinterest) and loved much of your work, especially your assemblage pieces. i use a lot of collage in my work too, but i do mostly assemblage.

    1. H Rebeca, I love you 2 x 2 squares...I've got some 4 x 4 cedar ones waiting for me some day to create on them. I did do a whole series of the crow in Browns and blacks.. so maybe the were the ones you used. I really enjoy seeing you work on you blog...I've got whole closet of wood parts to work with someday...


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