Saturday, June 19, 2010

A visit to a friends house

I stepped out of my comfort zone and went visiting...I do like to travel and see near by towns but to stop at someone home and visit is out of the norm...and what a visit it was.  I met Elena at one of my classes and  wonderful spirit sitting there in front of me scared and unsure.. By the time the class was over I could see the confidence building and Ideas spinning...Well out of the blue I ask if I could visit...bit pushy of me...but I'm so glad I did.  The trip out to her home was nice and smooth and to see the open green spaces and the water, small lakes and the river..Kankakee River what a powerful presence she is. So as soon as I arrive I wanted to take a picture of her homestead and wouldn't you know it I left my camera card in the lap top...Darn you dizzy girl you... I guess I will have to make a trip back out for sure now.  I made it to her home in record speed as I caught her coming out of the shower. Jazzy keep me entertained at the door for a bit.. But we did visit her yard... Back yard that is and what little Paradise that is. She has a small wooded lot with paths and wonderful natural plant life that is to die for... I know I could get lost in there for hours which I can tell she spends much time there. Lots of work to keep up but a kind of work that is really spirit building.  Elena then shared her home with me and I saw her studio space...  she has these beads hanging in the door way it's so cool..flash backs and so great...Love them beads !! you step down into the studio space.  I understand that the person who owned the home before was an artist too...sounds like it was meant to be.   Jazzy and I hit it off pretty good as of she's a Black Lab mixed and she's a big girl and I like my big dogs so we were ready to do some rough housing but decided not to do that... not on the first visit... I'm happy to see that Elena has  a creative space to create and it's so cool with the slanted ceilings... What a Gem it is... I had asked to see the town a bit and so we went to the local little eatery and that was great... We both had a BLT...Oh I do love those... We chatted and I hope I didn't whine to much there girl...? Then we headed off to the Antique shops... oh... they have a few good ones in the area... found me a crow statue made of painted black metal and some brass stencil that will go into something.  But I really fell in love with the Giraffe puppet there...only 20 bucks...might have to head back there soon... I just love the way it moved and was made.  Reminds me of Lion King puppet stuff I saw at the Field Museum the last time it came through..Which reminds me I might have to save up to go this year as of the Lion King is coming back to Chicago..  Well I think also Elena shared the prize for the end... the Train Station...Oh I so wished I had my camera... I might need to bring my Second oldest daughter back to see and take a few shot of it...its so beautiful the station house is old and worn down but the colors are so rich.. The Antique shop next to it is an old wood mill I guess the owner said..he was a lively champ with good stories to share, history and such.   I really am kicking myself now in the behind for not bring the camera.  Elena thank you for a beautiful day and lunch... On the way home I witness the big storm coming in that was wild as the winds came in from the west... the rain a bit heavy at times but made it home to no eletricity which was fine.  We sat in the living room and chatted. All was good, grand....and with much gratitude...


  1. I was so thrilled when you said you'd be coming and then I really hoped I didn't scare you away w/ all my yapping. You are welcome to come anytime and I have so much more to show you! Huge hugs!

  2. Thank you Elena, don't you worry about yapping away...I felt the same way as of I hope I didn't bore you with mine. another trip soon!!!

  3. You are always welcome and I didn't even noticed you were talking?! Just kidding, in between all my yapping I do listen very well.

  4. Yes, there's something and Elena's spirit and house that makes you want to come back over and over again. Hm, I may have to check out the town next time around. Sounds intriguing.
    A fabulous time for you both!

  5. Greta trip there! Do it again!


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