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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Train trip into the City today

Heading into the city today to see the Matisse exhibit.  Doris my cousin is taking the train in from Aurora and I'm picking it up here close to home in Clarendon Hills.  I hope that the crowds are to bad as of the left over Hawks fans and the Blues Fest starting today...But we are weathering the crowds and weather today because it is much over due for us together and visit the museum...We use to spend many hours together when we younger so it's always a good time together...Traveling light with just umbrellas but I may pack in a sketchbook and pen...never know.  I'm not that good at sketching but it's one of the skills I could use some work at...I guess I'm always worried someone is looking over my shoulder and it's not going to look like what I'm drawing...Old Crappy Fears...got to stand up to them...so yes I'm am going to bring my sketch book..

Off to get my body ready


  1. What a great plan for the day! And hope to see your sketches! And Doris'. Hope all went well yesterday with Kathy. She's a wonderful person.

  2. Yes the visit was great and I'm really excited to see the cards..and your right Kathy is a dear one.. I'm working with Kate in the back becauses of some extra stuff on want on the back..
    will hear by Friday how the are.


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