Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothing special

Here is my back yard patio, the bricks are from the streets and the man holes in Downers Grove, the husband was able to retrieve them some years ago and he laid them down and little by little. I'm creating this circle for myself.. I enjoy the morning moments to listen to the birds and greet the morning as it comes... Some mornings I even have to light a candle to see my journal and you know that's just find with me.. I had to share this cause it's nothing special but it is to me.. I think the table was given to us by the husbands boss...then needed something new.. I was so delighted..I've sprayed it a light green and soon I'll need to give them a new coat of a different color I guess..I'll see what happens next year for now it's still fine.. And the Umbrella is a local Walmart deal, after season sale, and it's been around for a couple of years... I do enjoy it and love to sit out here... feeling blessed... Which brings up a topic that wasn't touched on but a bit over dinner last night... The husband and I have pretty much lived like this all our lives now together...yes with great finds and hand-me downs... not to contradict myself, we do spend the extra on the electronics...one of the husbands passions. But really it's about using what we have already and making good with that...There is so much extra baggage's that is added to ones live with having to make an impressing on other with what you have and where is that's going to get you or take you?? I don't care...really and I'm not ever going to find out.. So with nothing special but a some rear moments of good morning bless I sit outside enjoying.
Now off that topic...
I'm really excited to see the sample of my little 5 x 5 cards,(received an email with a sample from the printer and I OKed it) I'm having made from the images of 13 moons, I ordered my envelopes today along with a clear nice 1" thick box that they will fit in.. I didn't want to do that the plastic box, but I was thinking of the wear and tear the cards will get when people look at them at the art fairs etc. that the box can be used for other things later after the customer purchases and uses up the cards. I'm really happy that it's coming together... will they sell ? good questions but I'm taking a chance and giving my all.
I have some things I would like to accomplish today and one of them is to do a dumpster dive and grab the cardboard out of the Art Leagues bin in back as long as it's clean and use that for my prints... I need some good strong cardboard and the packing and stuff the frames and glass coming in is great..! If is sound weird let it be but I'm thinking of recyclable materials that I can use... cutting costs and being a bit kinder to the landfill. So... this gals going dumpster diving today.. !
I would like to spend some more time in the studio cleaning but if I say that I get distracted like a little kid lately and then I'm off making another mess so I'm not going there as of cleaning I'm just going to spend some time in there...Always a fun spot to be...not going to worry about stuff..

How about you are you going to let a little cleaning take your day away?


  1. Nope not cleaning, but mowing the lawn. Tractor is fixed and needs to be tried out.

  2. Cleaning now let me think ... what is that??? hehehe

    Love your little spot in the garden. I can now picture you out there doing your morning pages :)

  3. Love the circle you have created! Nothing wrong with recycling. Love the character of old pieces.


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