Thursday, June 03, 2010

Heading to Dick Blick today

I had headed up to the studio early and finished up the two smaller collages you see below and then added a satin clear coat to the cradle board, "Having Courage." Then I spent the next hour or so and prepare the next cradle board 24 x 24 and finished polymering the back sides to the papers. The next one will have to do with our green lush earth as of if we keep going the direction we are we could lose this richness so face so it will have some image of trees and my faceless still in the beginning stage up the head but I do plan to do some quick layouts as I did for this one... I was able to head to the post office and mail out the small collage Fall in Chicago for the A.I.R Gallery.. Last year or was it the year before my piece sold so hope it happens this year too. if not it's a nice little diddy to mat up and put in the bins.

I'll be meeting with a few of my committee people from the MYM project and heading into Dick Blick in Wheaton today to chat with Kevin the Manager and see what we will be when September rolls around for the Big Launch Party of Make Your Mark Journal Project.. I will keep everyone posted on this as of in a few weeks will be make it public for all that are local and would like to do it. It will be a good ride out as of Eve's got herself a new car and wants to test drive it with us..

I would also like to slip in some time to frame up the last two piece of the series that I just got back from Osio Browns... I had planned on it last night but the energy level dropped and I ended up planting my behind down and just outlined the steps for the Journal project...still working but at a different level.

Had a nice lunch with my mother in law yesterday... found a great little cafe in Westmont... The Travelers Cafe, looks so down to earth and like your visiting a place in Wisconsin or something.
I've also got to get a thing together for Wisconsin as of some demo piece or stuff for the workshop I'm to be teaching in Whispering Woodlands come Oct... so much great things to work on.. Now were did the wife go of mine???


  1. I think your wife is up in Wisconsin with my wife.

  2. Let's hope their enjoying themselfs and I wonder when there's going to get back to work and give us a hand...


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