Sunday, June 06, 2010

Award at the Aurora Artwalk 2010

As you can see I snapped this picture this morning and decided to lay the big check down on the ground and take a picture of it...Bed head this morning and don't what to scare anyone off. I received Second Place in the Visual Artist category. Anne Hughes received first place. she's got some really cool Surreal pastels. The event was long but the entertainment was great... And the weather, she had her moments with us but it passed as it always does pretty fast. I'm still in a fog though this morning.. all this humidity has me a bitmoist in the head.. "mush mind" as I like to say. I think I would like to let go of my responsibilities as the Homestead manager and play in the studio today but I'll see what comes about. Or I might go see the 57th street art artist friend is in there Mary Beth Shaw so with the day the way it is just might be calling stronger.

I had some time to sit by my art in the back of the restaurant and I hate just sitting without something to do with my hands...don't what to eat the afternoon away so I brought my journal for the MYM project and I wanted to pre-set it up... I wanted to have something unified through out the book so I decided to stitch the pages together, rather then gluing them..Now you don't have to do that to your journal if you decided to do this project I believe there are 108 pages in the journals so people who do more drawing wouldn't have to worry so much about the thickness of the substrate they would be working on but being that I work with Mixed Media and Collage folks I wanted to have my substrates sturdy enough to hand what they gave to it. Now the thing people have to understand is the Lagrange Art League will not be shipping this to you...You have to pick them up...(September 24th, 25th for the Launch party) very low key and keeping it simple.. and the cost down...

The images you see above are the "Make Your Mark" Journal Project, the applications for the project are on line at under call for entry...just look for Make your Mark and you can print off the applications and send it in...Only 200 journal...
read below:
Make Your Mark

Imagine getting a journal, filling up a couple of pages, passing it on to someone else.
Then, they fill out a couple of pages and pass it on, and so on, until the journal is filled,
at which point, it is sent back and put on display in an art exhibit.
The LaGrange Art League is launching
Make Your Mark, an exciting community art
project. Sign up today to become the steward of one of 200 journals. Make your
personal mark by writing, sketching, pasting, painting, drawing, doodling, sewing or
gluing in the journal. Once you have made your mark, pass it on.
This is your chance to play on paper. The goal is to pass along these 200 journals, then
have them returned to the LaGrange A rt League for a gallery exhibit. Each journal will be
numbered and you will have the joy of making a personalized cover for your journal.
Imagine where your journal will travel before it comes back for the exhibit! Here is what
you need to do:
1. Fill out the application form.
2. Enclose $20.00 cash or check payable to:
LaGrange Art League
3. Mail or drop off your form to the LaGrange Art League be for July 30th...last day to register.
4. Questions? Email:
5. When accepted you will be notified, those that aren't accpeted will be refunded their fees.

Each applicant understands their journal is the property of LaGrange Art League. Each applicant becomes the steward of his/her journal. If applicants need to ship their journals the shipping cost is the responsibility of the journal holder, Journals maybe used for exhibit and fund raising events.

Remember only 200 journals!! they will be going fast. "So mail in your application now!"
You can also find the journal application on under Call for Entry.

Thanks you all,
MYM Committee Chair


  1. Laura, first, congratulations on the award at the Aurora Artwalk! Sorry I didn't get to stop by, but my schedule for the day got changed. Secondly, the "Make your Mark" project sounds fabulous! Hope I get to participate!

  2. You didn't say anything about the award! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats Laura!
    Nice big check there in more ways than one. Love the photo of it with your feet? poking through.
    So glad Aurora is into the Arts like this. I grew up out there and so wish these opportunities had been there back then. Well, better late than never. Surreal pastels, lst place, sounds intriguing. Glad the surrealists are getting recognition!

  4. Bev, So you like my feet in there...I thought it was a nice touch.

    Doris, I didn't say anything cause it slipped is poor mind of mine.

    and Denise, that happens doesn't it...Yes I hope you do too.


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