Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Road trip today...

And trying to practice quick sketching so my fimble attempts to do one this morning with the candle holder...need to cut that fear in half... small steps.. that will get me there.

I have another road trip today, traveling down to the Coal City area and visting a friend and seeing the country...Oh I'm so excited about that...I couldn't sleep last night thinking about that and also the few new books I received... especially the Drawing Lab book...I so want to be able to pick up a sketch journal and free do a little diddy of a sketch and not feel fear... I love books...I repurpose them, collage with them and I even make them..the object in my hands is so delightful Oh and I do enjoy to read them also.. Well after the road trip of dropping off many piece of art work and contracts and stuff having to do with my workshops I ended up at Graphic Chemicals purchasing 25 sheets of text wove arches paper... and I quickly head to the studio to measure and tear that paper for the nice deckled edges... and sat...though I sat in traffic all day yesterday I did sit some more and made up two books One little one for a friend and other other with the tabs is from another new book about art journaling.. Called, Creative Widlfire I'm stirring myself for some home schooling soon... And the last photo is my faceless people..I'm playing with them can you tell.. yes I did play with Barbie when I was little but we were out in the back yard with our plastic horse using the Tinker toys to make corals and stuff...outdoors type way back then too. I've got some more shots I've got to bring to photoshop and play around with before I start on the Cradle board but I have it graphed out and ready to cut a hole in me a new blade for my sons tool too so it should cut like butter.. Well I need to get the oil changed before I hit the road and take a shower too, so must let the key board go.


  1. Mannequins remind me of Matisse! Such a dance of life! Have a great road trip and Happy Early Birthday!

  2. Laura,
    Drawing is just a way of seeing. Let go of the fear and just look. Then put onto the paper what you see. I had to zoom in to see you drawing of the candle holder. It looked mighty fine to me :)

    Those artist's manikins look so joyful dancing around the tree. They made my morning. It was a reminder that I must take some time to dance as well. Thanks for the reminder my friend :)


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