Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Still trying to make sense of it all but it's one of those things that will keep on teaching me...that is the encounter with the Coyote yesterday... I'm in still in awe over that..some would be calling the DuPage Forest Preserve and the Animal control... not this girl as of I was on this animal's homestead and I was trespassing and walking through. I was so present to the moment it was too wild...
So the family has been pulling in closer this pass week and it really quiet nice. With all the young adults going to work, school and out we barely have dinners together but there's been a wonderful need and it's been great.. we always had dinner together it was a much need connections.
As you can see from the image up above, that's the husband new toy...he found his bike he's wanted. Let see if I can get this right... 75 iron head... and it's got some more work that needs to be creatively done to it to make it just so. The husband is so cute... he wants everyone to see it... We are all like Okay Dad will look at it... I laugh at the passion he has in it... and then just yesterday when I was talking to my youngest Bernie and sharing about my piece of art I'm working on she said Mom I can tell you are so into it... Oh what our kids think of us two Nut Jobs here... Creativity can take us hostage and we're sure enjoying it... We laugh together about the old junk we have an how it bring us joy... now where is that roll of duck tape...hehehe.
So much has happened this week so far and it's real and we aren't running from it we are living it on life's terms though its not been the easiest it's been a blessing and much gratitude has come from it all.

Great Spirit, let every rock and leaf be my teacher.


  1. CONGRATS to hubby! It's a beauty although I'm already salivating over the tank's current stripped condition. I bet he can't wait to get started on it.

  2. Oh Elena, he's in to it already... kind of cool, I think... when he bits ahold into something he can't let go of it either... He will probably paint it this smokey flat black like his other bike. At lest he has the old 74 ride...most of late summer and fall he has not bike when it blow the engine after a visit with his brother...stirred a little bit of a need for a tention relief if you known what I mean well I'm a rambling I'm the bike owner...

  3. What a beauty! Good to hear all around good vibes and growth through your current loss. Circle of life and laughter promotes healing.

  4. Just had to comment on your coyote encounter--so very awesome! Several years ago I had a similar experience (although not nearly as close-up as you), and it has stayed with me ever since. I'm still not sure if it was a coyote or a wolf or a dog--perhaps a mix of those. It seemed to large for a coyote, and looked just like a wolf. Anyway, I always thought it appeared to me to bring me joy.


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