Saturday, May 29, 2010

Students work and Aurora Artwalk drop off

Here is the postcard for the Aurora Artwalk...I've got to head out to drop off my work in the restaurant, 33 West Trattoria today. I hope to head back home and end up in the studio but with the holiday upon us this weekend I'm kind of open to what comes.

Students works...One more week left then class will be done for the Summer.
Turkan's lovely poppies...she had a drawing she's working from that she draw also and now is using the collage papers and acrylics to bring in the details.

Sue is working on a note card design...looks to be a great card.

Sandy is going to be telling a story from a Native American story on how the earth was made. She has some drawing she did along time ago of her own and would like to incorporate them into her collage. I'm excited to see how it will come together.

Melinda will be showing progression of how the collage papers where created. She would like to finish for the Norris Gallery Collage Show coming up soon in St. Charles IL

Mary Beth has a lovely palette of papers she is working with. We are always excited to see what she comes up with.

Linda has a good find of S&H green stamps that she purchased at a estate or garage sale..she shared some with us last week... we are excited to see where these will head...

Jeanne, is exploring some great techniques using the acrylics to great the effect of tree roots..She is using the National Geographic papers from the beginning of the class we learn how to make... She's got a story to tell us and we are excited to hear.

Jan has taken along time to lay out all the papers, again these are done with the National Geographic paper made with Citra Solv... really cool effect she has going on..

Eve is working with some bleeding tissue papers she personally had hanging out side in a paper bundle at home..we did that technique last class, but she liked the effect so much she wanted to make more paper...takes a while to make, cause you depend on the weather and mother nature.
There is a really nice fog or misty effect happening with this piece.

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  1. I didn't realize you were doing the art walk again! I'm booked as usual.


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