Tuesday, May 11, 2010

putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward

I had a bit of a hard start but pushed myself to go through the motions and take care of the tasks at hand...I found myself wanting to eat and numb some pain and hurt... Not a good thing for this girl...I go places I regret later. So I has asked for some help on some wordsmith for the letter I had written to reply to a possible workshop teaching opportunity in the future so I received that and got it ready to mail out..(missed the postal lady so will mail it today) Then went for my walk, which I was a bit scared to go as I knew I would have a moment of tears...what the heck is wrong with shedding some tears? So I faced it and realized I was in familiar territory and the rush of being welcomed back home came over me. It really was all good. I then did my food shopping and went to the pet store and purchased some extras for our buddy Carl, oh the puppies in there going through the training...tugging at my heart... still all good.
I finally made it up stairs to the studio and I had hoped to get a good start on the layout of the composition for the Wolf Moon piece but found out I had not coated all sides of the papers. So coated them and then cut out a stencil for the wolf piece so I can start building the body with the papers that I made. I'm thinking now the trip to the Zoo was so right, I will now make a wonderful connections with Louie death, it has made a wonderful imprinted on my memory beside all the others. Funny how we all go through things in our own way.. I'm really grateful I can do this and allow myself the freedom to go with the flow. A natural course.
I also received a really nice surprise from the author of the book 13 moons on turtle's back, he has given me the permission to place the poem on the back of the piece of art(13 moon series) so that the one who purchases it will know where my inspiration came from... I do need to send him a copy by email of the finished piece so he can see what I've done. So that has been a wonderful blessing for me right now and timing could have not been better. Whelp... it's time to move on with the plans, list and tasks of the day.

My Creator, today, let me be aware of the sacred path.


  1. You're doing good! Did I ever tell you I lost Kramer in incubator when I was in surgery assisting with a c-section of puppies? The circle of life can blow your mind and warm your aching heart.

  2. no you didn't honey... you will have to share more tomorrow night. amazing the things we go through and the experience we have has already and we've got over half our life yet to go...

  3. Oh Laura, congratulations on the poet's letter! He will love seeing your work and seeing that he inspired another artist. You are doing so well with handling this moment. I would not. But you have so much strength and such a connection to natural rhythms.


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