Sunday, May 23, 2010

pulling apart old works~

The visit with my parents was good but cut a bit short as 9am rolled around I called the good doctor to see when we could get our Bernie in and they said 10:00am so that didn't leave much time for chatting. Still it was great to see both of them. My dad brought me three Chinese Lanterns and one Jacob's ladder....Then the donuts for the family...I didn't eat any..."don't do sugar and whites" which they thought was odd but this girls been good about that.(staying sober) So got into the doctors office only to sit for about half an hour. Found a nice couple of articles to read then it was our turn in...I could have sat in the waiting room being my daughter is now 18 but I went in... No strep throat, but major pink eye and an ear infections... which we knew that all. The doctors name was Dr. memory serves me right that was the doctor that delivery me and I went to for some time when I was little.. found out it was and it was his father. Dr. Bicek Sr, is not 78 years old and retired...Small World..
Well after all the visiting and doctoring I dropped off my daughter and had to do the homestead food shopping...seems that's all I do theses days with all these young adults living in the house...I think I want to make a new rule...that they have to cook a meal and do the shopping once a week...hmm wonder how well that will go over...
After lunch and family food is all put away I finally make it up stairs to the studio...I put the backs on three of 13 moons series but I need one more piece of mat board to finish it off...I'll pick that up today. I started at 3:00 in the afternoon to pull apart some older piece of art and put them into plastic sleeves. I then wrapped up the frames with the glass so there ready for new artwork some days... Before I knew it it was time to come down and start dinner or figure out what was going on and who was home... I didn't finish all of them but got a good hunk of them done... My studio so full of stuff.. I have four new frames for the 13 moon series I wasn't sure if I wanted floater frames or not so I order 4 of them to see and everyone in the house likes them on the them a classier look.. so I've got 10 more come..ordered one more just in case. I head in to Osio Brown's to get the last four photographed on Monday. Trying to chip away at things and get ready for July...outdoor art fairs start for me... I'm also chipping away at the savings..."what do they say?" "Got to spend a little to make a little" what I would like to do is see how Red bubble does for the prints and check the prices out too. Oh so much more work to get prepared...Just like fishing...gather the gear, the seat, the bait and pole, set up and sit and watch and wait to see what will happen...Hard to do in this economy. well getting a bit wordy here need to put things into gear and bust a move.


  1. When our children got older they each had to cook and do the dishes once a week for the whole family and weekends everyone had to fend for themselves. Not only did it free me up a bit but it also taught them how to cook.

  2. Too funny Uta, I asked the two younger girls if they would like to think about during the summer to do some cooking of some should have seen the look on the middle one..the youngest would but not my Maddie...well it might happens but I'm not waiting on it.

    Maybe I'll announce before hand I'm not cooking on a day and see if anyone jumps in... ??

  3. Well, maybe Maddie would take over the weekly shopping. She loves to do that right? My kids all cook pretty well, had to warm their own meals for years. But I remind them on tips on making a few meals spread out over the week, and frugal grocery shopping.


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