Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just Saturday

Feeling a bit out of sort...the weather and changes going on out in the atmosphere and such.. had to make a new list for the Refrigerator as of all the things that need to be done in the next month...May 1st it is. I'm waiting for my oldest to get the website done and some business cards and work with her on setting up a brochure..working with family is always a tough thing... Doing some reading on gallery preparation, and brushing up on some things as of every couple of month you need to be on top of things as of how your going to present yourself and what's next...
Been feeling a bit disconnected..I've not walked in the woods in two days and it amazes me how disconnected I feel... I would like to visit Kane County Flea market today but if that doesn't seem to fit in a good walk will do just as well and maybe in better... I also have to fit in the family food shopping today or tomorrow so will see what unfolds... good to always leave open a window of flexibility. Well off to take a shower need to get ready have a few meetings this morning to tend to and will see out the day evolves.

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