Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiration and guidance with dreams

Wolf Moon
24 x 24 canvas collage.
Moon when Wolves Run Together
Inspired from the book, Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s back
A Native American Year of Moons, by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

Long ago, an old wolf cam to that time when his life on earth could last no longer. “My people,” he said, “you can follow my footsteps when the time comes for you to join me in skyland.” Then he left the earth, climbing higher and higher, and each place he stepped the sky filled with stars. Shunk man-i-tu tan-ka, we call the wolves, the powerful spirits who look like dogs. When they climb the hills to lift their heads and sing toward that road of starts, their songs grow stronger as they join their voices. So in this moon, we climb the hills, lift our eyes toward the Wolf Trail and remember that our lives and songs are stronger when we are together.

Twelfth Moon Lakota Sioux

Okay, I'm feeling a bit weirded out lately....I never remember my dreams. I figure it comes out in the art work but this morning I was bombarded with a whopper. I was walking with my cousin on the edge of this hill and look down into this cove... We take off our shoes and decide to slide down the sandy edge. When I get to the bottom the water is crystal clear and you can see all the rocks below are rounded and with small holes from the water rushing around. I looked back on the shore and see the long white thing.. I pull it up and it's this thin board like a surf board but also like a skateboard..long though...hmm what's that about? looks weathered and like a bone. As I rolled up my pants, Doris wore Capri's so she didn't have to worry about getting her pants all wet, we walked in the water.. I went to the right and spotted the two big shells that were moving under the water they were scared by us or something, with how fast the moved but then my eyes were brought to the surface reflections and there I see a coyote nicely colored one... I think to myself..there it is again..seeing coyotes, then Doris makes a noise and we look further round the edge of the water and there are four more watching us with all eyes. I wake up and just totally in awe that I've had this dream... I just can't believe it.. so I do the morning things and sit my bottom down to do my morning pages and I'm flooded with the things that aren't done yet...My mind is comparing where I was last year at this time and where I am now as of the art career... I would have postcards and addresses them and getting them ready for a big send off. I would have my website all up dated, I would be making paper already, I would have my yard weeded. I would be making tons of art and gearing for the shows... I feel that walls have coming in on me lately...the old thoughts of I'm not doing enough and I'm comparing my stuff with other out there as of my progress... Circling in spiraling downward...Then I think of the Coyote's presences again and again...their here to teach me, Right now with this dream it has to be with the mind's circling around all of what I should be doing and have done garbage... Scary that I would get myself there but it's happened... I really have to turn to ask for some guidance... The coyotes comes when you have been shadowing over your own works and efforts, when you keep looking back, they're there to have to look at what your doing to yourself. Because I've dedicated myself to this series I'm working on it has me approaching this year differently and comparing. So with that... I trail off with my constant attention deficient...
I did get a chance to dye my small banners yesterday and I was thinking of going back to the my white covers for my display panels... I like the white better so... Rambling but something is going on and and there is changes just over the hill and I'm not sure what it will be but....I don't have to circle myself in and be all pressured... I think the hardest part for me right now is I've been independent with my art career and sure my daughter got the first website done and I was able to keep it update and felt very independent but now she's doing a new one and it's taking longer then I had wanted...I'm impatience and what it done now and all the other stuff too and it's not happening fast enough so my mind is playing some tricks on me plus I'm more sensitive then normal with the loss in our family... so goofy as this all sounds it's life for me...One crazy artist making her way. I share the meditation today.. Because my spirit knows I need to be in my heart not my head...

Elder's Meditation of the Day - May 16

"It's time. If you are to walk the path of heart, then it is time..."

--Nippawanock, ARAPAHOE

If not now, when? If not me, who? To walk the path of the heart is a great honor. Every human has the choice to walk this path, but very few will decide to make it. Why? Well, because you can't act and behave like everyone else behaves. You must be the person who will learn to look within. You must be the person who will be fully accountable for yourself. You must be the person who prays and meditates. You must be the person who will sacrifice. You must decide to be a Peaceful Warrior. What will you decide today?

Oh, Great Mystery, lead me on the path of the heart.


  1. Amazing! Most definitely a message. And apparently one important enough that it was brought to you in your dreams; your most receptive state. I ran into this info on coyote and find it interesting.
    And it seems that you've been feeling a bit of the restlessness w/ things not moving as smoothly as it had been and now you've been getting the coyote messages. Be still and remember there is something to learn from all this. You always tell me I am where I need to be right now. It sounds like you've reached a small fork in the road. You will choose wisely because of course you are Motherbear.

  2. thanks Elena,

    there is definitly change coming over the hill and i'm not afraid but the not know is eating at me... this is my obesession which is my trickster.

  3. Well, maybe we need a little visit to the lake shore to see what we might see! I'd love some sand in my toes! All the messages seem to relate that you need to be kind to yourself. Pushing all the time. There is a time for everything, that includes grieving your losses. Sometimes we overfill the schedule to avoid grieving when we need to feel it to get through it. And... sure seems the spirits want to help.


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