Monday, May 10, 2010


this Mexican Gray Wolf photo was hanging on the wall in the one section I couldn;t pass up the image. I'm working on #11 Wolf Moon and I need a image for reference.
The Bison, what an amazing creature, there is a very spiritual presences I receive when I'm standing near them..something that connects from way long ago.. such healing powers.. was just what I needed.

The support and sympathy for our lost this weekend has been greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone. I don't have to go into how it feels when you lose a beloved creature or human just flat out hurts and its all part of the great wide spread of emotions our higher powers give us to learn from. What a big help it is to have acceptance in a situation. There was this new found freedom that came over me. I of course needed to work through these feelings besides crying my eyes to balloon size and that was working in the studio and going to the Zoo on Mother's Day. Cousin Doris sent me something a few weeks ago about the new Great Bear Wilderness Exhibit and I decided to go. Only one child of mine was able to go, we use to go as a family often. The others needed to work so what I did was purchase a family pass so that the children could go and visit with theirs friends or we could do a family thing soon. I had wanted to go and see if I could get a good shot of the Wolves they have there on exhibit but with the tall fencing the image wasn't good but it was so interesting to read about how much more healthier the Yellow Stone National Park is with the wolves there.. Hurting a bit less today and will get back into the groove of things and see where it leads me.

Thank you all for you kind comforting words and prayers~

Great Spirit, hold my hand and guide me today.


  1. Ohh... good peace and grabbed that inspiration too to complete the fantastic moons!

  2. Glad you made a moment to reconnect with spirit through animal kingdom.


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