Thursday, May 27, 2010

Darby and the new piece of art work

Close up view

Close up view with the deep black blue shadowing I'm adding around the papers edges to help them stand out individually.

The new piece I'm working on...30 x 30 Cradle, clay board 2" wooden sides. I had prepared the papers last week before class. Tuesday I tacked them down and yesterday I moved in with this deep gray blue, couldn't tell you what exact color cause I mixed it up.. but I glazed over, rubbed in and pulled off some of the glazing. I wanted it to go into the cracks and creases There is something that I've always been attracted to and that is the folds and small details in the lines of papers and materials... The sewing is really exciting for me almost so I can't working on this piece my mind is off on another few more... I've had to pull in the reins and focus on this one. I've got some image transfer to add in and I'm thinking of drilling into the Clay board and even adding some more threads but not sure... that would really be taking a risk. I also took some close ups to show you the really cool effects the stain papers with the found papers are making. As you can see the small Gray square in the upper right corner, that will have a wooden manikin painted I believe in there.. I started with the idea of Faceless people..well that's what I call them... There to represent the human race.. or something like that.. I've not worked out all the details about the concept.. some artist do that I'm more intuitive with things... I slap it together and let it tell the story to me.. Well I'm sure you can tell I'm excited about it.

Our house guest~

So Darby is really getting comfortable in the house...His officially gotten into the garbage. The chicken juices left on the foil and foam plate were to much for him. The Basset hound nose overrides the brain. It amazes me the behaviors our four legged friends have. I took them both for an afternoon walk.. trying to help Darby not feel so lonely. It could be me feeling lonely for him but his body language showed more so. Off we went to walk the big block around out house. Normal with Louie and Carl it was a 10 minute deal but not with Mr. Darby here...the nose leads the way and a half hour passes, but I really don't me a changes to switch gears and smell the roses or watch the red wing black birds protect their territory's.

I should be getting my new black frames for the 13 moon Series and hearing from the photographer about the pieces I left with him to shoot.. Oh so many great things happening it's hard to keep it straight.. Where that wife of mine go??

Oh a little bit of news.. my son took his motorcycle down the race track...yes down the race track to see how fast he really could go amazing what he's done.. I'm proud of him..and yes scared too but he's growing into a really great guy. And then his twin found out yesterday that she is management her bosses asked her if she wants to be a manager..she's thinking about it they said that everyone listens to her...I told her it's hard to tell your friends what to do...she say don't worry mom, I already do that.

And last but with great emotion today it's been 4 years that my father passed on and in memory of him ~4ever in our hearts G.G.


  1. Oh, some hugs to you today! A great piece started. Like your direction. Glad that Darby is keeping check on your heart. Seems his visit is right on schedule with loss of Louie. Congrats to Bernie! Natural born leader like her Mom. And how fast does the bike go? Ouch!

  2. thanks honey... the bike only went about 85 because he had to wear a bunch of gear for protection and he wore Randy's harley jacket but it ballooned out and made jake go he's a bit disappointed in the readings.. but I'm sure he will go again. and yes Darby was a blessing in our family helping us relate and connect and let go of and share memories of louie.


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