Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy bits in between make life interesting.

I was up in the studio most of the day and not creating...let's say decreate... as of I was pulling all the art that's been around awhile..good but not selling and put them in to plastic sleeves for the summer art shows. I've an over stock now of frames..a few not to good but the rest reuseable with glass cut to size already...I stated early and then the sweats took over me and thought it was some major hot flashes, little did I realize the temperature was moving up fast... I had to stop and put some chicken in the slow cooker for dinner and then grab some lunch myself before I headed out to the Make Your Mark Meeting at the art league. Which went well I figure.. Sandy Bacon Artist and a Golden Artist came to check out the gallery and studio space so she can present a workshop in September for the Journal project lauch, then home again and right up stairs to finish up.. Feels so good to check that off the list that's been hanging on the refrigerator for over 5 months now.. I hate to have that happen, I really do like to be on things and not have them linger on... but some do.. I take my last four piece in of my series today to be photographed by professionals and then I need to cut the darn lawn and possible take a walk but with the weather jumping in the 90's today I may make some changes and hang out up stairs and get some work done on my class project for Friday...I would like to sew with a machine my papers first and then collage them on...Straight stitch fancy stuff from this girl...hehehe, it will be fun to see what happens.

I would like to finish my one book "Everyday is a Good Day" and then get into this older book I have on Basic Design...plan to do some homeschooling. There I go Plotting out my day.

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  1. A little homeschooling every day is good. Wow did it heat up fast! My stairs were sweating and house was hot when I got home from church and lunch with Mom. Ready for it now!


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