Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Art Marketing meeting and good food and vibes

Went to my art tribe meeting last night.. was just want I need to be in the presences of my peers. It was great to hear where and what everyone is doing the next couple of months. I did get a chance to show the gals the artist proofs from the photo shoot I had done so far with my 13 moons series and I was give good feed back on them... I know just wrote to the author or the publication company to take a look at what I'm doing... I was advised to do that by a few of the gals so...I'm on it. It was really what I need to do was share that with them and get the feedback it helps the wayward creative soul... I've not shown them too much, so the feed back has been few and far. I will be looking into ways to possible make cards and a calendar from it but I feel that I should get some kind of approval on it first...(don't know but asking now) I am inspired by the book each poem, I used that to create my series... a few words are used for guidance in each collage but not the whole story.
Well, with that all I'm heading up stairs to do the last parts of the Deer Moon today.


  1. Lots of great ideas going on there!

  2. So cool! Love to see how you daily lay your stepping stones.


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