Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trip to Door County and drop off artwork The Flying Pig

Well this is my room at The Bay Shore Inn.. It's like a little apartment..I really could stay here for a while if I wanted. Funny thing is I opened the little patio doors off the bedroom and was consumed with Mosquitoes...I couldn't believe that already in April but right by the waters edge what can you say..
Second floor of The Flying Pig
Oh my Gosh !!! it is heavy with major visual and textural stuff for a visual junky like me... Whom every pasted on this great gallery to me? Thank you.. I never been up to Door County so this is like a new thing for me.. I'm trying to suck it all in.. so much to see. It was raining yesterday just off an on and nothing to be to concerned with but this morning it's a different story.

Here are my piece dropped off, yes there on the floor right now because the gallery was so busy down stairs that it was hard to bring in the work and look at it down there. I brought a van full which Susan was a bit overwhelmed but delighted to see. It gives her a taste of what I do. As you can see my Abstract Landscapes are a big hit she took everyone of them. I'm in for a year as of signed the contact, so that will be interesting to see where it goes. I truly believe that more people will see the work in a place like this then through the shows and exhibit I put them in back home. Plus they've been all around home now it's time for them to venture from home too.

One thing that Susan said is that it's hard to see the details that are in this pieces. The photo's don't do them just. I knew that, so it's important that I brought the other piece too so she could get a good look at them too... I did give her a CD of the other works just in case.
Here are two artists sitting there working on the new I pad's There is going to be a show and artists will be exhibiting their works internationally... this is what the gals at Flying Pig were getting the grant for. How great is that? I wanted to capture the window wells used as shelves and their lighting in them too, it's so cool.
I'm not sure how long I'll stay here today, I figure I'll get my butt off the chair here in about an hour or so but it's really nice to be in the quiet... it was hard at first last night I have to admit I was a bit home sick... I had wish that the Man would have come with but he wanted to stay home and do some looking at some chopper frames for his motorcycle.
Oh I did stop into the Peninsula Arts School, it was so great to see.. I will post picture of that later. I dropped off my proposal but was a bit disappointed that she didn't want to look at my folder I brought her. Instead I've got to follow the rules.. darn it.. and re-submit to their terms but I can refer to the workshop proposal I dropped off. I have to say I was already to give it to her as of what I do but she cut me short and let me know that Collage classes don't do very well up here.. (drop in excitement at that moment) but then she saw the work I do and we chatted then she said if I submit in the next month I would be looked at for the 2011 year and that's when I told her that collage will be 100 years old then but now that I said that I realize in my excitement it's not till 2012 Oh Well... I'm human and it probably won't even be remember.. Only I remember my big mistakes... I have to say I look at this trip as a big interview.. and from there I just never know.
I was chatting with a artist friend on Wednesday and said to her even though we are teaching and the art isn't selling as fast as we would like it to we are still one job away from not having one. She agreed as of we are always looking and search for area that we can find a job for our teaching, workshops etc. Well I've rambled on enough "time for breakfast."
Living fully and with bliss~
(p.s. I miss my family)


  1. Wow Laura! This is fantastic news that your work will be available at the Flying Pig. I love that place! Wait until you see it in the summer, when the gardens are all blooming.

    Door County is absolutely gorgeous too, Sturgeon Bay and all points north. From May to October it's full of people and flowers and art. You'll love it!

    Your art will get tremendous exposure. The pieces you showed in this post are beautiful! I'm going to see how I could eventually take a class with you at some point, since I live in Southeastern Wisconsin.
    Wishing you all the best. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. I have also been in the Flying Pig, Laura. Bought some of my favorite glassware there, made out of old bottles. Love Door County - I love it most in October! Good luck!

  3. thanks Angela, it was a great trip and though it rainned I felt very acommplished about the whole adventrue..

    April there was more they were going to pull out she/Susan said that they have two weeks before the season kicks off so it's kind of a down time..which I liked that it gave me a chance to see things at a slower pace... but yes the glass and scuplutures are so wonderful. What a great treat it is to visit.

  4. The Flying Pig is awesome Laura! Love their gardens also. If you get a chance, stop by Gallery Ten. That's where I'm taking my art this weekend. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  5. Your work will be a marvelous addition to the Flying Pig, Laura! And Angela's right, just wait until you see it when the gardens are in full bloom.

    Congrats on getting in there - I think you will do well.


  6. Yep congrats! All so wonderful. I like the window well shelves too! Never been that far north either. Maybe I can make it up soon.


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