Thursday, April 29, 2010

That in-between time....

Not sure I like it...the in-between time that is... I one for the in the middle of things.. but it's the process that I go through with creating a series and art in general. I'm gather images, ideas, colors a mood that I would like to bring in to the next piece I'm working on.. it's called Deer Moon.. but the book that I'm inspired by and the story is called, Moon when Deer drop their horns..which I never could understand this part.. After knowing a deer hunter and him sharing with me when the deer drop their antlers I can't get this story.... From my knowledge and witnessing this the Buck now are dropping their antlers and right about the time the fawn's are born the Bucks will also have a budding of new growth on top of their in the speaks of them losing their antlers in the late fall. So I'm a bit confused but who knows when the story was started way back when by the Winnebago Indians it could have been and it was a region different then here.. But that's where I am with this next piece.. I will be putting the backing on the #10 piece today the varnish is on and dried nicely.

I've got a nice morning coffee/tea break with a wonderful young lady this morning..and she's not an artist so its good to get out and socialize... I'm excited, young mother and it brings back times not so far from my heart.

Back to the next piece, I have a shot of a tipi that I would like to put in the piece #11 but I had not want to put any Native American influence in there but I just might have to as it speaks of a lodge everyone goes to in the winter... I should find a image of a Wigwam ... gathering images and ideas...the in between stage of creating.. Then I need to make some papers and add them to the ones I have.. Rambling away with my thoughts.


  1. That is a bit confusing, but they would be rutting under that moon, maybe even breaking some.

  2. yes that is true... I going to use the images I just took from about a month ago.


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