Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sunday morning a Holiday

It's Easter morning and the sun is shinning the Red Wing Black birds have come to my bird feeder... I love their song.. My son is the only one up and I did a little flower bucket of sweets and a gas card for them this year...we are having to cut back a bit and there all young adults now. But being a mom and that there all living at home still I couldn't not give them a little Easter basket... We are to head over to my Mother in laws today for a mid day dinner... Always a nice time. She's a great cook.

Yesterday I made it to 4 different art venues to either drop off or pick up art work... the situation was I had plotted out the day and found out I didn't leave time to chat with everyone.. before I know it a 10 minuted drop off turned into a 30 minutes to a hour...I'm glad I had the numbers with me to call and be considerate to the galleries and let them know I was coming and or I was going to be late.. chatted with my Cousin Doris for a bit..I had No idea that she would be there at LaGrange Art League. Good to see her... She's looking great.

Well now to do a little typing on the Artist Way group and then to head up stairs to tack down all my papers on #9... It will have a moose in it... I'm excited how fast this one has come together.. I'm really enjoying the choice of colors... I have to say the Series has pushed me to use color combination that I might not have.

Happy Spring Holidays Everyone! Green is the color of the day around here.


  1. Wow love the new look blog Laura. What a great place to visit and stay for awhile.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your loved ones :)

  2. thanks Uta, I received an email awhile back from blogger about giving the Blogger draft a try so I jumped on it and made the switch it really has a lot more one can do but I thought to keep it simple for the readers eyes to enjoy... I wanted alot of color but when you put the art up then that can become the color..right?

    good to hear from you lady!!


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