Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rains coming they say~

Went to my abstract paint class last night in Aurora at Maureen Gasek's house..there's 8 of us but a few where missing last night. We were to take all the different techniques we learned and try them out on a piece of canvas or canvas board...I choice the canvas..not worked like that before and it not be stretched... I'm have a great time with it...
Today I will be getting an workshop proposal packet ready, as I would like to drop it off at the Peninsula's Art School in Fish Creek...I've contacted the Program director and she said she would be there till 4:30 on Saturday... if all goes well I hope to be there before then. I had forgotten that this Saturday in Wis., also is an Anniversary for my Aunt Fran and Uncle Ed.. I didn't receive an invite so I went ahead and made plans to go the other directions... Oh well. Wish them a great time...
I was able to take the van seats out so there is room for the art work..Check" that's off the list. I do have some computer time this morning or afternoon or maybe I'll save it for the evening to type up a list of work with sizes and all to have for the Gallery owner at the The Flying Pig... Got to be on top of these things.
Well off to tend to the list and hopeful put in a walk.. as it's to rain all weekend here and up in Wisconsin..not the best but life goes on and we really do need the rain.. a bit dry this spring more so then usual.


  1. Wish there was a way to alter those plans a bit. Driving right through. Hope I get in a walk before the rain.

  2. When one has a silent dream presenting itself after 12 years the choice was made already and I wouldn't alter it one bit...


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