Friday, April 02, 2010

Prisma Colored Pencils, Cynthia Hellyer Heinz

Sharing three You Tube Videos... Cynthia Heinz- Colored Pencil artist.


I am so honored to be part of an artist tribe group, (networking and marketing support) Cynthia is one of the artist in the tribe, we all just had our monthly meeting at her house last Monday. You will just love to hear her share her process.

I was able to put all the supplies away from my last workshop... but soon in a week or less I'll be repacking them again... (did I share with you all that I secretly love to pack) I must love this on some level or I wouldn't be doing it... I thinking it's about playing teacher when I was younger or something... well I was able to create some more papers and coat other for the next one in my series #9 I plan on giving it a bit of time today... I didn't get out to the woods yesterdayfor my walk... felt a bit guilty but quickly changed that thinking around and had lunch out on the patio under my little umbrella with nature... Oh so fine it was till the last couple of chips blow off the table right on the ground next to my beloved Louie... he quickly gobble that up... I figured I wasn't to over eat that's all.
I spent the afternoon writing up a description and supply list for DuPage Art League, I've set a date for this August 7th and 8th to do a Two Day Collage Workshop... Should be a great time.. I do like the larger studio room there as of for the lighting... if is so fresh and you really can see well. Waiting to hear from them though, to see if they need anything else...

Pulled out my folders too. I have a plastic blue folder with pockets that all my gallery and exhibit info goes into.. then I have a green folder for my workshops, classes and demo's and the last folder, yellow is for the Art fairs... I've used this system now for over 5 years.. it was hard to keep track of things.. I also have a header page I call it that has all information that I quickly need to see when pulling out the bundle of papers for the venue I'm working... I document all transaction. Yes I know wasting paper but this way if it's lost through a email on the computer I have real documentation of it.. and it's in my hands.. then when completed I file it.. just in case IRS every needs to see what the heck I've said I've been up to I have it on record.. Why am I telling you all about this... don't know just came out in my post today.. Well off to send out a few more emails and get going on the wonderful list I have to accomplish today..

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  1. I am soooo unorganized! I'm sure Louie was pleased that the breeze rains chips!


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