Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Oh some fun stuff coming up.

Chicago Art Open drop off this Sunday I will be heading into the city on Sunday with a few other artists, we are dropping off our work for the Chicago Art Open... I have one piece that was accepted in this show..

Slide show of art work on display from the Midwest Collage Society at the Downers Grove Public Library. I did fit in a stop at the DG Library yesterday to take a few pictures of the show..I've also posted on the MCS blog too.

Made my contact with Susan at The Flying Pig and now I need to set up a road trip date to bring up some work for her to pick from .. there are a few she likes from the CD I sent her. I also discussed different price ranges and will bring in some smaller works too.. Can't believe it but it's happened... When I first decided to really give this a try in the back of my mind I said I'm going to keep at this(making my art) so I can get my work up to Door County area too. I've stayed focusing on Collage 12 years(which is very hard for a restless person like me...a little A.D.D happening if you know what I mean) ... it has always been in the back of my dream log and never really pushed it but then things just set in motion for it to happen... I had sent out a packet-(CD, artist statement, bio, at lest 5 image and a contact sheet with a cover letter) to the North Central College in Naperville a month or so back and I had it ready to go as of printing another copy of things and I took the chance to send one to The Flying Pig too, As I've said before along the way your dreams come true..and not always the way you might think...I kind of just put it on the shelf and every once in awhile I thought about it... didn't push it and let it go so now it's in motion and I've got to carry through or as we have heard said before.."Time to do the foot work Lady!!"

Progress is happening on my next piece..about ready to put the copper strips on ..need to drill the holes first and stitch it on with the copper thread I have.. It's (copper strips and thread) something that I've carried over into to each piece of this series.. a long with the tan and black stripped papers. a picture soon I promise.


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  2. Ooh, the interviewers interviewee? Looking forward to see what comes with the Flying Pig Gallery!


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