Saturday, April 03, 2010

drop off and pick ups

I schedule most of the drop off and pick ups of my artwork today and then other just seem to fall into place... so I'll be on the road for most of the morning... Many places to stop off. Downers Grove for the MCS References exhibit at the Library... 4Art Inc. Chicago for the Art Diary exchange of pieces..then to LaGrange Art League for the Sap Green exhibit... and finally out to Batavia for the Pick up of the Winter show and drop off of the Spring show... and it will happen that I'll have many receptions all on the same night.. I will have to make the rounds..
I was able to spend some time in the woods..more humans are out there then the wild life it seems but it's a new spring thing that will ware out soon... it's great to see them all though happy bunch we are.. must be the fresh air and the feeling of freedom and all the great sounds and sights.. the Forest Rangers did a burn around the section that the cut back so there's a rich black brownness out there in some places. And then others there's the green hue of new growth, soon the tall grass prairie will be one blanket of it it's speckled... I see the trout lilies popping up their heads with the Trillium too. There are wonderful small blankets of green in the woods that are all the wild onions... garlic mustard an invader plant is right along side everything else...

After I came home from my walk I headed to the studio and began the next piece... it will have a soul moose in it... and its about the time just as the leaves are changing on the birch trees and you see the big moose come out of the woods with his massive rack... so all the colors relate to that... I've not tacked it down just laid out the papers... I'll get into it on Sunday in the afternoon I hope.. I really need to finishes these up before July.. little pressure is upon me..

and I received a nice email from The Flying Pig... they want my work so I'm reading the contract and giving it the weekend to settle and start things rolling. I'll be heading up to the Door County area sooner then I thought..


  1. Things are really rolling along for you Laura!! I don't know how you keep track of it all!! Congrats on getting into the Flying Pig!! I think you will really like it! I'm hoping to get up to Door Co. again this summer for a watercolor class so I will for sure have to stop in to see your work!! I really love what I have seen so far of your 13 moons!!!

  2. Busy lady! Congrats on the Flying Pig - it sounds familiar & I wonder if I stopped there on a bike run. It'll be great to have your work there. SO SO proud of you dearest Laura!

  3. Thanks Robin and Elena,


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