Friday, April 23, 2010

Class today at LaGrange Art League part 1.

 Here is Joanne using stamps and differnet things to the parchment paper, later she may want to paint the back of the parchment paper, which you can see through and change the whole appearance to the piece.
 Melinda is using the gray pipe insulation on a dowel rod and rolling the paints on to her paper.
 At this station or tables they used sketch book paper and parchment as a printing surface. Some added color first with the brayer and then came back in and stamped and printed on there papers.
 Another photo of the dowel rod and pipe insulation that was craved out to make an print.
 Oh the famous Citra Solv was the hit today.. I think it was the magic, and no control over what would happend.  it's a bit smelly as of lots of oranges... can get overwhelming. so I had a fan on pulling the smell out of the studio..
 Barb below in the photo and here with her National Geographic above turned out some great images.  Janet in the bottom photo shared with us the technique of laying cheap gift tissue folded up between the magazine pages and make sure there coated with the citra solv first both side and close the magazine up and apply some presure and let it set a good 10minutes.  They ended up with image transfer to the tissue paper and the altered magazine page above.
 The Citra Solv station.. today we had three station to move around to. A bit crazy but much fun.. Always good to were gloves and have lots of magazine below as the Citra Solv will come out from between the maganize pages and be all black.. so you will get ink on you if your not careful
 Mary Beth's deli papers.. When you make it black first you can stamp on the white and it looks pretty cooladn then the other papers can be transperent and with great colors on the surface.
 This is Turkan's sketch book paper sheet and she really layered it up and it turned out so cool.. some great papers.
 Sandy's piece that she's stamping with a few different ones growing in wonder it is... really liking what they are getting.
Eve's piece on parchment paper, mulit colors stamped over and over..building up the layers.


  1. Looks so wonderful Laura! I took a chance and clicked on your blog- no problems like i had before when my computor was freezing up! Yippe!

  2. good to hear Marge..

  3. Looks like you all had great fun making beautiful papers! I think that is what I'm going to do at the MCS retreat... paint papers. When I do it in my home studio (aka my kitchen and dining room) I don't have nearly enough space to spread out. Can't wait to see your papers in some finished work!

  4. I like those printed papers!


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