Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Big Question asked most~

I might have brought this up along time ago but while out on my walk in the woods yesterday I was hit with the question to myself, How many hours do I really work on my art career or my job in a week? When at an art fair the question is always, How many hours did it take you? So I've decided to do a tally list this week to see, The thing is not every week is it the same, as of depending on what I'm doing I may spend more time on one area then the other. But how will I know if I don't start and keep tally of it.. so still don't know where it will lead and why but I'm just keeping track of this week, in three categories...1) Preparing for Workshops and classes..I seem to do a lot of that, 2)then actually working on the art work or framing extra and 3) lastly I'm keeping track of the computer time as of sitting writing, networking and communications...
I'm hoping to have a bigger picture for myself too. An just maybe I might keep track of it in a month to see really what I do all day... As of I had a list a mile long and before I knew it...it was 3:00 in the afternoon and I was asking myself where did the day go??? how did I lose that much time... Oh heck I was working and tending to the regular things..

I was blessed with a small little creature on my path yesterday and only hoping it was the same little one I saw a few weeks ago... it was a turtle the size now of a Silver dollar.. before it was the size of a quarter... he/she was walking back up the hill..hmmm why and where was he/she thinking about going.. water wasn't that way.. but who am I to know..I have to admit the first reaction was to pick him/her up and tuck it away in my pocket.. but then reality hit, what could I give him/her that he doesn't already have... so I continued on my walk... feeling very blessed to see the little thing again... About two years ago I saw a dinner size plate red eared turtle out there walking down to the small pond... stayed there as I walked my few times around, so glad other saw him/her there too and just observed... instead of taking.. so import not to do that. Be the witness and observant one and learn from the wisdom of the animals.

Moose Calling Moon #9 was taking a turn in the wrong direction... I was at a bit of an ugly state with it... working hard on putting packets together and getting some 8 ATC (artist trading cards) ready for Friday night at the reception exchange (McCord Gallery, Collage Collective) I needed to take a break..so that was a perfect time to walk the problem out.. You see the moose is a very large and strong presences in any ones back yard or woods, heck even in a photo... (largest of the deer family, hmm the deer is my native sign as of the month I was born under) something that can be intimidating...Back to the piece, I glazed over certain section and lost that feeling, so when I walked in the woods ideas came to me and I knew I needed to be more dramatic with this piece... and give it a presences like the moose itself. Very grateful for the walk and new perspective on the situation.

I wish I had more pictures to show but been busy working.. more will be revealed soon.


  1. Your list will probably be a mile long and you'll surprise even yourself!

  2. How wonderful to cross paths with many generations... and the turtle itself such an important totem!


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