Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools Day

With much gratitude to the help I had at the Waubansee Community College the workshop went smoothly.. I had 16 students a camera man, and a photographer all in there with a Student/teachers assistant and Anni Holms who invited me to present this workshop to the class. My only problem was I thought it went till 12:30...things were going great till Anni, let me know we didn't have any more time... we all scrambled like a couple of good eggs and moved to another room to finish up.. not all the students could at that time because they had other classes but some where able to... Great group of College Student... Nice road trip out and all was completed with a road trip back into home town area then to drop off my 4 piece to be shot in to prints.. Came home and un packed and had to sit actually I layed down read a book for a bit and nodded of for a half hour and was fresh and ready to go for the birthday party for our Oldest... she turned 25.. Grandma, uncle Scott, auntie Diane and Kyle came by and we had pizza cake and coffee... keeping is simple with the family and all was great.

now need to get to the studio and start on number 9 ...of my 13 moon series..


  1. Good job! ore birthday wishes for Stevie!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic time! Happy bday again Stevie! Laura, the blog looks amazing. Love the tabs. Great job!


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