Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scrambling and not with eggs

I've been scrambling this morning getting a quick contract for the workshop I said yes to for the Waubonsee Community College March 31, had to finalize some details and then email it off. I've also printed off some flyers for the McCord gallery workshop I'm presenting on April 9th so as you can see fingers are moving and so are the leggs as I've got my work all wrapped up for the McCord gallery drop off today and then to pack up for the hiking in the woods... Some where in between this all...the Plott is to put in some studio time and tend to three front flower beds...time to bust a move... So great the sun is out today and we will have 70 degrees as a high.. how wonderful is that?

OK must go


  1. Busy busy but glad to see you still connecting to the Earth!

  2. Yes, I am ready for that 70's to stay now. And oh my garden...moan - moan.


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