Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paper Bundles Collaborative Reception

People were coming in all afternoon. I figure we had about 30 at the highest part of the reception. Great turn out!
Jim and Terry there chatting it up.

Doris, Eve, Turkan, Pam and the Pam's husband and a friend.

The gallery at LaGrange Art League. Center is the Paper Bundles Exhibit and sides are the members exhibit.

Oh to know every one's names...I'll try.. Sandra and Phylis, Eve Bertha, Joanne, Sandy and I think Dianne is there too. I'm sure I missed a few.

As you can see I'm not a good photographer as snapping pictures with eyes shut but heck it was a great time. Sandra, Doris and Phylis... Thanks ladies you three where a big help!!

Here is Jeanne, Mary Beth, Eve, Melinda and her mother..(sorry mom forgot you name...) it was so great to see everyone and their work..we had three sales too... which is a great surprise for all.
I was thinking about this project and how it all played out so well.. don't know how but it did... The idea, a concept comes and then you share it and share it and more people get excited about what your talking about and then they want to be part of it. It's a good creative positive thing that we each took part in. I know we couldn't all see the papers that were directly effected by the weather from the paper bundles but that's not what matters most in this project or concept it was the process... the trust in the idea and the time invested to the flexible we all had to endure after we took the papers out of the bundles and decided what we where to make of this... frustrated at time the whole class felt it...We even share about the ugly stages or the puberty stage a piece of artwork sometimes goes through... Then to share our works with each in critique to the final stage of exhibiting them and sharing them with our families and friend that came to see the exhibit... I'm sure the whole class is wearing a invisible badge of accomplishment and fulfillment. I'm really grateful to the art league for trusting in me to carry this out...I honestly didn't know if it would work but they trusted me and I took the risk... Now when people say art should be cut from the education curriculum I would like to share with them how not having it would be so hurt for the individuals as they will learn so much more then just art.
Projects like this which I've been involved in before stick with you a life time.. and continue to keep teaching you..


  1. Laura you are so right about art teaching far beyond the moment and having so much more to teach then just art. Opening our eyes and learning to have a more flexible view of the world around us, trusting, accepting, enjoying and appreciating other visions. Creativity is the foundation of successful thinking. Most people just don't realize they have any creativity because they are taught to compartmentalize it.
    The turnout for your show must have been as rewarding as the entire process. Congratulations on taking the risk and bringing others along the journey with you!

  2. thank Crystal you worded that so beautifully...

  3. What a great looking exhibition. Musy have been such a rewarding experience. Congratulations on such a successful project!!

  4. thanks Seth...the word is catching on as of envoling the act of mother nature into the process as I have a artist friend in the northern parts of Illinois now putting together a proposal to present to her studio group to bury papers and see what happens from either spring to fall or fall to spring..should be exciting to flow too.

  5. I was so pleased that I could be at this opening. I miss so many. It was a great show and a great reception. Congrats on an inspiration becoming reality!


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