Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On to the next day......

Reflection on the Art Tribe meeting.. it was good to hear where others are heading and networking... and I asked the question, do you every feel like not doing it any more? and they asked what do you mean by doing? all the marketing... I just want to create and it' share to do just that at this time.. So what I was advised is about the balance of it all. though there are parts I really would rather not do when there done it feels good and then I go from there.. but also make that time to do what is so important and cutting out all the rest.. good goals for the year..

I received this information of on the Collage Collective exhibit at the McCord Gallery in Palos Park. Suburban Life on the Go, you all can check it out..
Well time to clean the house today finish last minute stuff and be ready for tomorrow.. Workshop and a birthday..

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