Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New wheels for the mobile

It was time and a big expense but well worth the purchase of new rubber for the van... we've had this vehicle for 5 years and it's be a good one to us. Instead of trading it in and going in debate deeper, which by the way isn't a wise choice we decided to keep it and take care of it... so there goes the big black jeep with big bubble tires that I would probably never be able to climb into unless I had a ladder and then how would I haul that art work around?? need a special kind of trailer with jacked up tires too.. now when I look at the image I dreamed up it just doesn't make a sense or a pretty picture at all... Be safe, sensible and sane.. that's the words of wisdom today..

I received an email a week ago to do a workshop for the Waubonesse Community College with Anni Holm, We had a great chat...I've know of her work for sometime now and she is now working for the College as an art director/curator... so March 31st if all goes well I'll be heading out to Sugar Grove IL.. it's my daughters birthday that day..

did a little google map questing for the road trip on Thursday..I'm excited, I know my bottom will not like sitting for that long but it will be an adventure and I'm up for one.

Now to tend to the homestead for the daily grounding and then try hard to hit the path for a walk in the woods..it will be a muddy one but new life is beginning to show it's face.

Living fully with a bit of bliss~
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  1. So is it a workshop or full course at the college? So close to home.


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