Friday, March 12, 2010

My new home away from home Whispering Woodlands

Work section with tools
Studio space for class/workshops

A super large printing press.. I had to take this for my dear art buddies who do printing...great place to come and study too for a weekend... any ideas ladies?

a quick shot of Jackie's Home... it's a dome house created in the 70's...I love has a history of I think a family of 6 or 7 girls..the studio space down stairs was the girls rooms big bathroom too.

Drive way off the main road... a bit wet and sandy but nothing the old van couldn't handle..

We left the house around 6:30 but needed to stop for some med's for my daughter at Jewel. Stevie my oldest came with for the ride..not feeling all that great she figure what the heck, she was up and game for a road trip. We got there with a stop on the way around 9:45 which was good timing.. I was in awe over it small but just the right size for a creative retreat. The lodging is separate for the students, you would need to find a place to say for the weekend... there are three b&b's in the town Paoli...galleries too. Jackie lives there on the property and maintains it all ..big job. We got a look around and sat down for a bit and chatted... October this year I'm penciled in for a two day workshop...possible another day added on... And then we will go from there I would like to have a place that I visit and a workshop of the area a couple times of year.. Kind of like vacation and work all in one. Now to call my mom and see how my dad is doing and get ready for the day... I have a phone interview with Mary Beth Shaw she has invited me to be in her book she is writing, mixed media and food recipes...something of that sorts... I sent my work into her around Oct of last year so It will be great to chat with her.. then to get ready for Dillman's promotional demo's this weekend.. Oh and I would like to fit a walk in... I need to reflect on the road trip ...ideas are flowing in and connection all's like I can't handle the good news and ideas I need to calm my mind a bit...

Just chatted with my dad and he's feeling better and can breath... he's trying to quick smoking one of the toughest things to do.... I know it's been 12 years for me.. think... releif and grateful to hear his voice. I would like to take a trip up there in May...I'll have to see if Jake will go or the whole family..or just a few we will see.


  1. So exciting about Whispering Woodlands! I'm looking forward to learning more, since I'm in Wisconsin.

  2. It's all good. Deep sighs and a brisk walk and yep it's all true! Good job!

  3. Congrats on Whispering Woodlands, looks lovely!! Thanks for the great convo.

  4. Good luck to your Dad in giving up the cigarettes.

    Whispering Woodlands sounds great!

  5. Looks wonderful! What a great day, Laura!


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