Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday and a day to hit the road

I sat at the computer all day..but I accomplished a goal of transferring images and description of works and statements with bio's and resume stuff to a folders and then burning it on a cd for my Web Ranger... I had set this goal to have it done by the end of 2009 but that just slipped right by so I set a new one and yesterday was the day...felt good to just hang out in the homestead as two leggeds, and four leggeds coming and going.... I also was able to update my mailing list and email list too.. So now that is out of the way and I've handed over my CD of information... I will need to be patient as the web ranger as a life too so when she can fit me in.. I would like her to design my business cards to look like the website too and maybe set a brochure up to hand out this year... dreams and plans... which ever comes first.
I will be hitting the road early today as I will be meeting the owner of the Bountiful Cafe at 9:00am to pick up my art work out of her place...I'm still so sad about that...(closing because of rent being raised) well then after that I head back to Oak Brook and be with the judge and so I can hang the ribbons after she judges the show. And what ever time it is I need to go to St. Charles to pick up 4 pieces work at Norris Gallery... I feel I need a balance of the a good woods walk so I will see if there is time to fit that in..Then class tonight Last one for Photo Shop... ele 8.. wow I'm tired already and didn't leave the old homestead yet... best get ready... packing and hauling again..

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  1. Yep, packing and hauling and starting a new week! Enjoy the woods!


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