Tuesday, March 23, 2010

McCord Gallery-Collage Collective

McCord Gallery and Cultural Center, Your viewing some images I took yesterday from the gallery. One of the artist in the group is a TV reporter as she does small art related cable shows and reports on art activities going on in the Southern suburbs, like the Palos Heights and Palos Park areas.. You can see her and Jim on Channel 4 We were all interview yesterday, the artist that is for the exhibit so they will be doing there fancy work behind the scenes and making us all look good to be on TV..How exciting is that.. 15 minutes of fame....!!

Coming in to the medium size gallery from the back way. My four piece hanging on the wall ahead with the skateboard.
Looking in to the large gallery space and also the class room for the Workshop I'll be teaching April 10th..things are filling up fast so if you thinking about you better get in quick...

Maria's series of work display in a most interesting way.. we all liked what she did.

Harry Brown's Assemblage pieces...they look great with our work..

Here in the small gallery is Jeanne's and Harry's works. They really look great together.

Jim's work hanging on the wall and the other side too.

Mary Beth's works between these lovely floor to ceiling windows.

One of Eve's and Jeanne's tucked in this great corner.

Had to slip in a picture of the stair way up to the second floor.. but we don't go up there for the show..just the first floor.

The gift shop was closed but slipped in a picture any ways.

Eve's work on the wall there..looks so great together.

Barb's work is so great she has this nice collection with the best image transfers and a few more around the other side in the middle size gallery too.

Here's Maria and Mary Beth with her chatting a bit before the set up to interview her..
it is the first say...modern work hanging in the gallery it's been more traditional works that have been hanging there so it will be very exciting to see what comes of it all. I know we are all excited and all the members besides Maria, Harry and Barb are Midwest Collage Society members so it can be a sub show of the MCS..but we will be talking to Harry, Mary and Barb to get them on board soon..


  1. Oh it looks awesome; all the works! I have to go visit this place...and get a sneak peek at the building.

  2. Great exhibit! I'd love to see the interview if you can get a copy!


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