Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend is almost done

Fun stuff today with many meetings...
Living fully and with bliss!!

Well all went well this weekend and the Paper Bundles Collaborative has come to a completion with the exhibit this week... I feel very glad the students hung in this long to see there final works completed... And it truly is amazing at that.. so if you get a change stop by this week or better yet come on Saturday March 20th for the Reception 2-4pm Watch the slide show to you right here on the blog for the whole story on the Paper Bundles.

All meetings are done the Make Your Mark Journal Project application will be getting ready for rough draft and have the eyes the committee to look at so if I miss or mess up they'll catch it. The one gal Sarah a wiz with the computer...but she is stretched really thin so I'm going to do the rough draft and then someone else can take over... I'm a good one for getting it started and letting it go into the right hands...

Dinner in is the oven and I'm looking forward to tomorrow for a much need centering of walking in the woods and being the studio for myself... I do have to get back to Anni Holm about the end of the month workshop but that can wait a day or too I figure.

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  1. Such a busy woman you are but grateful that you are sharing your gifts with others and still taking necessary time to bond w/ your spirit on the walks.


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