Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Filling the day and filling the form

It's almost the first days of spring.. but out in the woods the colors are still of the fall.. This is the path up the hill that I take, Switch back is what they call this section of the trail. I head up there first getting the leg muscles a early work out.. I walk clockwise and I think other like to walk counter clock wise as it's easier... Not me I seem to take the hard way first. Well I had walked once around snapping my camera at every turn... felt like it was the first time out there and I wanted to document everything... 82 image I had on my camera. The second time around I decided to go off path and venture in to the areas that the coyotes might frequent. As I came around a corner there were the bucks two of them as I turned to the right of me there was a young buck... they will hang out now for the rest of the year together till the rutting season. Most times you will see them all together but when the young ones, fawn's will be born the doe's are little bit more protective then of them so they will pull off from the main group till the young one becomes a little more sturdier.. I believe the new fawn's will be born around the end of May beginning of June... I will have to remember to hike back in to the section where I seen the bucks as their antler will be falling so and maybe able to see them, before there left for the little fourlegged critters to nibble on..
I didn't make it to the studio..little bit depressed about that but I did uncover my three flower beds and the new shoots are a waiting the sun... I like to pull back the leave cover before the plants grow to high as the rake, cause much damage to them...
Took care of a lot of stuff on the list and then some... feels so great to be out side, another batch of Sand Hills Came over too. Lets say hundreds of them... I found upstart in a nation geographic magazine the picture of the flight of Whooping Cranes and the Ultra light used to train the cranes.. so cool cause it showed the path from Wisconsin around Baraboo to Florida.. got to keep that..
off to get the corn beef in the slow cooker and head up to the Studio today for sure... with the picture of the deers I got I'm excited to get this one (13 moons one done) and move on to the dropping antlers moon which is so fitting to where we are in the seasons now..


  1. Oh my gosh, love your photo of the bucks! Can I have your permission to draw them? And what is that skeleton? Yikes! Beautiful, Laura! I probably wouldn't come out of those woods with my camera for hours.

  2. April that is the left over bones of a deer..sad but it's nature...there were two deer that died this winter...natural culling done by nature...the coyotes where feed well as all the other creature falling down the food chain.. to the bones that are left to the small four legged ones. Calicum...not goes to waist.


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